WWE 2K20 FAQ – Everything You Need To Know

2K’s WWE 2K20 has yet to receive an official announcement, but we’re sure to get a reveal at any point now. For now though, we’ve amassed a handy guide of all the details we’ve heard on the wrestling title so far, and will be updating it regularly with all the info you need on WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K20 FAQ – Everything You Need To Know

WWE 2K20 Moves

2K has not detailed any of the WWE 2K20 moves yet, but we’ll update this when we hear something official.

WWE 2K20 Modes

We’ve heard that the WWE 2K20 Showcase Mode will feature Renee Young on commentary, who is reportedly being lined up to replace Byron Saxton. We can assume that other modes will be returning for the game, but at the time of writing, nothing official has been announced.

In addition, 2K has gotten serious flak from gamers for not including women in the Showcase mode in the past, so that is an area that is almost certainly going to change this year. There’s also a case to be made for featuring female wrestlers in the career mode, which would make a lot of sense.

WWE 2K20 Roster

Nothing has been confirmed on the roster for WWE 2K20 yet, but we’ll update this as soon as we hear something.

WWE 2K20 Cover Star

2K has yet to officially unveil the cover star for its latest wrestling romp, but Becky Lynch is hotly-tipped to grace the cover of WWE 2K20. Lynch has worked hard to establish herself as one of the biggest names in pro wrestling after all, so it would make sense to have her on the box.

WWE 2K20 Release Date

While nothing official has been confirmed yet, we’re hearing murmurs about an October 2019 launch for WWE 2K20, given that the previous WWE titles have released around that time of year. Expect news on this any day now.

WWE 2K20 Collector’s Edition

It’s been suggested that 2K are manufacturing a Collector’s Edition for WWE 2K20, following an Instagram post by Kurt Angle revealed him signing 10,000 autographs with the 2K logo on them. While that’s not an official confirmation by any means, previous WWE titles have featured signed autographs by the superstar associated with the Collector’s Edition. With that in mind, Kurt Angle could be this year’s focus for the special edition release.

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