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Far Cry 2
Sub Genre:
First Person
Release Date (US):
October 21st, 2008
Release Date (UK):
October 24th, 2008
Online Players:
Ubisoft Montreal
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
61 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
58 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 immerses players in an entirely new kind of gaming experience, featuring a custom-made video game engine built from the ground up. Players discover a true open world gameplay set in Africa, brought to life by high-definition next-gen technology.



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Far Cry 2 meshes high-octane gunplay with open world gameplay, and it does a damn good job. There’s a lot of great games coming this holiday season, but don’t let this one go unnoticed.

We like

  • The remarkable depiction of Africa
  • The versatile open-world gameplay
  • The revolutionary map editor

We dislike

  • The shoddy A.I.
  • The outdated save system

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Tired of run-of-the-mill shooters? Far Cry 2, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, is far from generic. More of a spiritual successor to the original game than a sequel, Far Cry 2 plunks you down in a 50 square kilometer slice of Africa and sets you free. Is it the journey of a lifetime, or the stuff of nightmares? Far Cry 2 features an acceptable narrative with astounding atmosphere to compensate. You’re a mercenary hired...



Unlockable: Missions

To unlock each mission in the game, including additional missions not otherwise available, insert the following passwords at the in-game cheats menu: 2Eprunef | 6aPHuswe | Cr34ufrE | JeM8SpaW | tr99pUkA

Note: To use cheat codes, simply go to the main menu, look under "Additional Content", and select "Promotional Codes."


6aPHuswe: Unlocks all missions
2Eprunef: Unlocks bonus mission...

Far Cry 2 News

  • Rumor: Far Cry 3 could be out this year

    A sequel to open-world outing Far Cry 2 could be blasting its way onto store shelves by the year’s end, according to the chaps at Official PlayStation Magazine (via CVG). The publication teased: "Start taking the malaria medicine in preparation: Far Cry 3 could be arriving before the e...

  • Ubisoft dodges Far Cry 3 rumors

    Publisher Ubisoft’s keeping its lips firmly sealed in regards to Internet murmurs suggesting the next instalment in the Far Cry series will skydive on to store shelves later this year. Rumors kicked off courtesy of U.S. publication Game Informer, which listed the FPS sequel for an October 2...

  • Far Cry 2 to receive "hardcore" patch

    Remember Far Cry 2? You know, that excellent game that had absolutely nothing to do with the first Far Cry? Well, it's receiving a free hardcore setting to satisfy expert players. Atmon, a Community Developer on the Far Cry forums, gave us some insight into this new feature. "The hardcore mo...

  • Video of Far Cry 2's "The Fortune's Pack" DLC

    It's always a convenience when you have the opportunity to check out some downloadable content before parting with your hard earned cash, right? If you’re the impulsive type to fork out for DLC without hesitation only to be disappointed with the end result, you’ll be pleased to know ...

  • Far Cry 2 DLC releasing later this month

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of open-world shooter Far Cry 2 will be receiving new downloadable content later this month. Dubbed ‘The Fortunes Pack’, the content adds a total of three new weapons for the game’s single player mode, including ...

  • Far Cry 2 tops one million sales

    Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that Far Cry 2 has notched up one million sales following its release on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 last month. "The holiday quarter is off to a solid start with the successful launch of Far Cry 2," he commented. “The game is well on tr...

  • Far Cry 2 Home Space officially up and running

    Far Cry 2 Senior Producer Bertrand Helias has announced that the game’s dedicated Home Space has now gone live, allowing access for those currently taking part in the on-going PlayStation Home beta. The space itself allows you to explore a number of in-game environments from the upcoming FP...

  • Far Cry 2 dated for Europe

    Ubisoft announced today that its highly anticipated FPS Far Cry 2 will be released in European territories on October 24. In addition, the publisher also detailed the contents of the forthcoming Collector’s Edition release, which can be seen below. Far Cry 2: Collector’s Edition: ...

  • Far Cry 2 to feature smoother graphics on PS3?

    Utilizing a new game engine entitled "Dunia," Far Cry 2 features some of the most impressive console graphics seen to date, showcasing such technological highlights as global illumination, dynamic weather systems, and realistic growing vegetation Furthermore, according to a recent preview ...

  • Ubisoft Montreal in "preliminary stages" of Far Cry 3

    Ubisoft Montreal is currently in the "preliminary stages" of working on a third instalment in the popular Far Cry series, according to Far Cry 2’s narrative boss, Patrick Redding, who revealed that the team now has a “commitment to the African setting.” “For us A...

Far Cry 2 Features

  • What's PlayStation this week? -- August 8

    What's PlayStation this week? What does that even mean? A sneak peek of what's expected to show up on your favorite PlayStation branded hardware that week (according to North American release dates). Also, if you've heard our new podcast, this is a great way to interact with the hosts of the sh...

  • Far Cry 2 blowout

    You stand at the edge of a cliff. Below you lies a sun drenched savannah, with trees and long grass swaying lazily in the wind as far as the eye can see. Somewhere in that distance you can see a small village, where people walk around and get on with their daily lives. You stare down the sight of yo...

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