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Release Date (US):
March 6th, 2007
Release Date (UK):
March 23rd, 2007
Online Players:
Evolution Studios
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
74 of 1166 Games
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71 of 0 Games
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Only on PS3

About MotorStorm

Developed by Evolution Studios, MotorStorm is a brutal, no-holds-barred offroad racing game created exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system.



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The variety of vehicles, great terrain, physics and highly satisfying vehicle scrapping make MotorStorm the best dirt racer around.

We like

  • Wide variety if vehicle classes.
  • Online is a perfect offroad racing experience.

We dislike

  • Long load times and lack of customization options.
  • Nasty load times at vehicle selection screen.
  • No sandbox mode or split screen multilayer.

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Propaganda doesn't always lie. When the world first glimpsed what PlayStation 3 could (allegedly) do several E3s ago, some of the sharpest gasps and most rapturous applause came when a short, pre-rendered MotorStorm trailer took centre stage. Violent, mud-splattered racing that saw dune buggies smashing into cabins, trucks side-swiping quad bikes and an unseated motorcyclist face a cart wheeling rally car head-on. The world as...



Big Heads (ATVs/Bikes)
While in-game, press pause then hold L1+L2+R1+R2+R3 and hold right on the analog sticks, then add L3 while pushing left.

MotorStorm News

  • MotorStorm series to "dominate", says Evolution Studios

    Jed Ashworth, Gameplay Manager for MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, has declared that the company has set its sights on dominating reaction racing for “a long time.” Speaking to Eurogamer on the future of the MotorStorm series, Ashworth stated, "We have the aim of turning ...

  • New MotorStorm tracks set for US update

    Looks like we'll be heading back to the festival, as two new MotorStorm tracks are being released in tomorrow's US update. They've already been released in Europe as of last week, but now it's America's turn. Diamondback Speedway is like the unofficial NASCAR track of MotorStorm, except it'...

  • Two new MotorStorm tracks coming to UK owners

    Tired of driving around the same tracks over and over when playing a game of MotorStorm? Don’t sweat it; they’re bringing two new tracks your way. This Thursday, January 10th, all UK owners will be privileged with the opportunity to download two new tracks for the adrenaline-filled PS3 r...

  • MotorStorm gets v3.1 patch upgrade

    Last month, MotorStorm received patch update, which included all-important DualShock 3 support. Now Evolution Studios, the brains behind MotorStorm is releasing the 3.1 patch upgrade. While it is not as big as the Devil’s Weekend patch the new update will include mirrored tracks and 2D veh...

  • MotorStorm Devil's Weekend patch

    Today, November 8, the developers of MotorStorm will be releasing a new 3.0 patch along with the new Devil’s Weekend DLC available through the PSN store. The Update 3.0 patch will feature the following: - Support for DualShock 3 with adjustable sensitivity settings - Sensitivity sett...

  • MotorStorm 3.0 ready to rumble

    MotorStorm's next patch has just been released on the PlayStation Network, and yes, it includes rumble support. If you wish to update your version of the game, simply head online in MotorStorm and you'll be prompted to begin downloading patch v3.0. The full list of changes: * Added vibration...

  • MotorStorm 2.0 patch available for download

    The latest update to MotorStorm not only prepares players for the MotorStorm Revenge Weekend PSN download pack that will be available very soon, but also brings a huge lists of improvements we've detailed below. For starters, the patch focuses on "Vehicle Select enhancement"– your...

  • New MotorStorm track dated

    The new MotorStorm track, Coyote Revenge, is scheduled to be available for download on PlayStation Store on Thursday September 7th. Coyote Revenge is the original Coyote track but in reverse, and is accompanied by two new vehicles. The first vehicle will be available for download September 13 and th...

  • MotorStorm v1.2 update delayed once again

    The upcoming MotorStorm v1.2 update is arriving a little more than fashionably late. Originally planned to release on June 7th, the update promises multiple small fixes with the addition of a free Time Attack mode. "Technical issues" were cited for the original delay to the 11th. It w...

  • MotorStorm online multiplayer coming to Japan!

    Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they will release some MotorStorm online content in Japan. The first downloadable package will be released on June 20th. It will include online multiplayer and the time attack mode. The download will weigh in at 542MB and it will be free of charge...

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