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Crysis 3
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First Person
Release Date (US):
February 2013
Release Date (UK):
February 2013
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Electronic Arts
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

About Crysis 3

Crysis 3 takes place in the year 2047 in New York City, which has now become encased in a Nanodome and turned into an urban rain forest. Players assume the role of returning hero Prophet, who embarks on a mission of revenge after discovering the true intentions of Cell Corporation's reasoning behind creating the Nanodomes.



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A devolution from open-world brilliance and a far cry from compelling, Crysis 3 is a serviceable sci-fi shooter with noteworthy multiplayer and a story that just barely warrants attention.

We like

  • Gorgeous visuals and art direction
  • Engaging multiplayer
  • Five-hour campaign won't waste your time

We dislike

  • Hollow story and characters
  • Thinly veiled linearity
  • Game-breaking glitch prevents progress for some players

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In this console generation's twilight months, it's easy to associate brand fatigue with the most sterling examples: annualized franchises that change very little in their thirst for early-November retail domination. To suggest that one might simply tire of a triple-A series whose main releases, by contrast, were staged four and two years apart seems silly--there must be something else at work. Well, there is. Like a bottle of...

Crysis 3 News

  • Crysis 3 returns to series' roots with new The Lost Island DLC

    EA today announced the upcoming release of a new wave of downloadable content for critically acclaimed Crysis 3, dubbed The Lost Island. The announcement serves as no surprise, as developer Crytek previously teased such content in a Facebook post reading, "In the words of Nomad: 'We’re g...

  • Crysis 3 is broken on PS3, and we won't review until it's fixed

    The third installment in developer Crytek's venerable open-world FPS series hit store shelves three weeks ago, but I haven't published my review for PSU yet. There is a single, frustrating reason for this, and I'd like to update readers on the situation with an emphatic recommendation. The question ...

  • U.K. Charts: Crysis 3 undefeated for second week

    Electronic Arts is celebrating its second week at the summit of the U.K. All Format Charts with Crysis 3. The sci-fi shooter managed to fend off competition from FIFA 13 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, despite a 43 per cent dip in sales. Speaking of Rising, sales for Platinum Games’ ...

  • U.K. Charts: Crysis 3 takes the top spot

    Electronic Arts’ Crysis 3 has dethroned Aliens: Colonial Marines from the summit of the U.K. All Format Charts following its launch last week. The sci-fi shooter also fended off competition from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which sliced its way into second place. A mere 5,550 copies sepa...

  • Crysis 3 developer pleased with size of PS4's unified memory

    Crysis 3 developer Crytek says it is ‘very, very happy’ about the inclusion of 8GB of GDDR5 RAM in the PlayStation 4, which was rumoured to launch with half that amount of unified memory. Speaking via his twitter account, R&D principal graphic programmer Tiago Sousa tweeted: “...

  • Brush up on the Crysis storyline in this handy recap video

    Electronic Arts has pumped out a handy ‘Previously in Crysis’ video for those of you looking to brush up on the sci-fi shooter’s sprawling narrative. Check it out below. Crysis 3 is released in North America today and launches in the U.K. on February 22.   The sequel ta...

  • Crysis 3 review round-up

    We’re a little late to the party with our review of Crysis 3, so while you wait here’s a round-up from across the web of some of the reviews that have now gone live. It looks like EA’s shooter has received rather a good set of scores so far, though some gaming sites have rated it ...

  • Crysis 3 cover art released

    Crytek has release the official cover art for its third entry into the Crysis series Crysis 3, and, by the looks of it, the primary weapon is blatantly obvious. The series protagonist Jake "Nomad" Dunn takes the stage on the front cover, and he's toting the tech-heavy bow and arrow that's...

  • Crytek teases Crysis future

    The developer behind the critically-acclaimed shooter franchise Crysis has said that the series still has legs, though it may dip its toes in other genres besides the FPS market. Speaking to Dusty Cartridge, Crytek producer Michael Elliot Read said that the sci-fi series is unlikely to wrap after...

  • Crysis 3 pushes PS3, 360 to the limit

    Crysis 3’s technical prowess all but maxes out the current crop of home consoles, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has revealed. Chatting with VideoGamer, Yerli also boasted that the game’s predecessor stands head and shoulders above the majority of current-gen offerings. "Crysis 3 is ...

Crysis 3 Features

  • E3 2012: Crysis 3 hands-on

    Taking place at some point during the first third of the game, our hands-on time with Crysis 3 took place in a location that EA describes as an urban rainforest, a place known as Liberty Dome in New York City, a sprawling metropolis with dilapidated buildings surrounding dense swamplands. The level...

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