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A New Logo For Red Dead Redemption On Rockstar’s Website Might Be A Tease Towards A Remaster Reveal Soon

Red Dead Redemption and its sequel are easily two of the best games ever to come out of Rockstar, which is saying a lot considering the studio’s storied history and portfolio of industry revolutionizing games.

Despite that the first Red Dead Redemption hasn’t been given a lot of love recently – the whole franchise in fact hasn’t been given a lot of love, as Rockstar is seemingly abandoning it in favour of further developing GTA and GTA Online.

However there have been rumblings of late that could indicate a remaster, or even a remake of Red Dead Redemption is coming for modern consoles, and a slightly new logo on Rockstar’s website looks to be the most recent hint.

It’s a small change, as the logo now says “Rockstar Games Presents” overtop the title where it previously didn’t, though this could be a change in preparation for the remaster which will utilize this new logo.

Even though the rest of the industry waits on weighted breath for Rockstar to release GTA VI, and its development is definitely the thing that is taking up all of Rockstar’s time, it would be great to see a remaster of the first Red Dead Redemption.

It’s an excellent game that deserves the remaster or remake treatment, though of course considering how Rockstar’s last attempt at remastering its old games went, it would be wise to be cautiously optimistic if it is announced just as a remaster.

Source – [TezFunz2]