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Most Anticipated PS5 Games In 2022 Ranked – Best Upcoming PS5 Games

best upcoming ps5 games

Most Anticipated PS5 Games In 2022 Ranked – Great Upcoming PS5 Games. When it comes to great PS5 games in 2022, we’ve got no shortage of possibilities. From the stunning looking God of War Ragnarok to the jaw-dropping Horizon: Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, PlayStation gamers have never had it better. So to quantify things a bit better for you all, we’ve compiled a list of the most anticipated PS4 and PS5 games for 2022. For further reading, you can check out our in-depth PS5 guide, PS4 games that give free PS5 upgrades guide, all the best PS5 games available, all PS5 games that have enhanced graphics, PS5 games that support crossplay, PS4 games that run at 60 FPS on PS5 and our feature which details all the PS5 games that perform better than the Xbox Series X versions. Finally, you might want to catch up on our continually updated guide which shows all the PS4 and PS5 games being released in 2022. Let’s get started!

Best Upcoming PS5 Games 2022

Best Upcoming PS5 Games In 2022:

  1. God of War Ragnarok
  2. Horizon: Forbidden West
  3. Elden Ring
  4. Gran Turismo 7
  5. Hogwarts Legacy
  6. A Plague Tale: Requiem
  7. Sifu
  8. Dying Light 2
  9. Stray
  10. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League
  11. Ghostwire: Tokyo
  12. Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection
  13. Gotham Knights
  14. Marvel’s Midnight Suns
  15. Cyberpunk 2077
  16. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  17. WWE 2K22

1) God of War Ragnarok

It shouldn’t be especially surprising that the sequel to one of the defining games of the PS4 generation is at the top of this list. Taking place three years after the end of 2018’s God of War, Ragnarok shows us a world where a teenage Atreus is coming to grips with the revelations he experienced at the end of that game, all the while an increasingly world weary Kratos finds himself repeatedly targeted by a vengeful Freya and a range of other, equally angry Norse deities. Looking set to double down on the action RPG fundamentals and stunning spectacle of its predecessor, there’s very little chance that God of War Ragnarok doesn’t end up as the GOTY for 2022 and possibly Game of the Generation to boot.

best upcoming ps5 games god of war ragnarok

2) Horizon Forbidden West

Another banner exclusive for PlayStation platforms, Horizon Forbidden West expands the already sprawling scope of Guerrilla Games stellar open world adventure with all new machines, abilities and full-throated expansion of Horizon’s epic narrative. Quite simply, Horizon Forbidden West looks to be an astounding open world adventure that gives us more of what we loved so much about the previous game. Better visuals, a much more epic storyline and an all-new range of machines to scrap with. What’s not to like?

best upcoming ps5 games horizon forbidden west

3) Elden Ring

With Elden Ring FROM Software fully transplants its critically lauded ‘Souls formula into an open-world setting and if we had any doubts then the most recent network test would appear to have assuaged them based on the wealth of positive impressions. Encompassing all of the nuance and skill-based action RPG gameplay that we’ve come to love about the Dark Souls games over the years, Elden Ring looks set to plunge us into a deep, dark world with a practically endless horizon. February 2022 cannot come soon enough.

best upcoming ps5 games elden ring

4) Gran Turismo 7

Arguably every PlayStation console needs a marquee racing game and surely no title fills that definition better than Gran Turismo 7. The next effort in the long running racing simulation series from Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 7 looks set to bring the iconic exclusive racer kicking and screaming onto PS5 with the token increase in visual fidelity married to improved simulation gameplay and a range (as yet unknown) new modes and features. Indeed, fans of Gran Turismo and racing games in general look set to get their fill when Gran Turismo 7 releases in March 2022.

best upcoming ps5 games gt7

5) Hogwarts Legacy

Though it seems like an age since we last saw Hogwarts Legacy, that fact hasn’t dimmed our excitement any. A third-person RPG set in Hogwarts during the 1800s, Hogwarts Legacy has license to unleash the full scope of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as players take up their robe and broom, learn new spells, make new friends and battle a shadowy evil. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks visually great too. Accio Hogwarts Legacy! (or something)

best upcoming ps5 games hogwarts legacy

6) A Plague Tale: Requiem

While we know precious little about A Plague Tale: Requiem, the sequel to 2019s absolutely superb horror stealth effort A Plague Tale: Innocence, it’s fair to say that it’ll be a shoe-in for GOTY lists everywhere by the time 2022 has concluded its business. Certainly, if A Plague Tale Requiem manages that same balance of stealth, horror, adventure and dread that made its predecessor so memorable, then we’re in for an absolute treat when A Plague Tale: Requiem releases sometime later in 2022.

best upcoming ps5 games a plague tale requiem

7) Sifu

Coming from the same talented folks that brought us the underrated Absolver, Sifu once more brings martial arts to the fore but in a much different way than perhaps any other game has managed to achieve. As a martial arts master aging through the years, Sifu has players laying waste to all manner of nefarious gangs with some cracking third-person combat which looks set to build upon the numerous innovations that developer Sloclap wrought with Absolver.

best upcoming ps5 games sifu

8) Dying Light 2

Finally breaking cover in 2021 after seemingly years in development, Dying Light 2 looks set to intertwine an in-depth, non-linear narrative with the open-world zombie destroying shenanigans that made the first game so popular. With the remaining vestiges of humankind dividing up the world into territories rather than banding together en-masse to fight the zombie menace, Dying Light 2’s messy and fractured world is one that I cannot wait to step into when it releases in 2022.

best upcoming ps5 games dying light 2

9) Stray

One of the most promising titles of 2022, Stray’s premise is somewhat simple but no less compelling. As a young cat that has been separated from their family, our brave kitty must traverse through a sprawling cybercity where robots have utterly usurped mankind, in order to return home. An opulent platformer with puzzle solving and adventure beats to boot, Stray really can’t come soon enough. And cats!

best upcoming ps5 games stray

10) Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

It has been nearly seven(!) years since Rocksteady graced us with the jaw-dropping Batman: Arkham Knight and now the studio is looking to shatter expectations once more with their next DC Comics adaptation, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Set in a future where Superman and all the other members of the Justice League have come under the influence of a malevolent entity, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Harley Quinn are a quartet of villains forced to work together (upon pain of death) to prevent the mind-controlled Justice League members from destroying the planet. A genre-bending third-person shooter with style (and jokes) to spare, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is *easily* one of our most anticipated games of 2022.

best upcoming ps5 games suicide squad

11) Ghostwire: Tokyo

Quite possibly the very last PlayStation title to emerge from the depths of the now Microsoft owned Bethesda Studios, Ghostwire: Tokyo looks set to be a thoroughly refreshing horror effort that has players slicing and blasting their way through a ghost and demon infested take on Tokyo. Bursting with color, horror and roundly compelling supernatural combat, Ghostwire: Tokyo is shaping up to be something of an essential prospect for fans of first person horror action adventures everywhere

best upcoming ps5 games ghostwire tokyo

12) Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection

Two of the greatest Uncharted games ever made will be given a fresh coat of paint when Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection brings Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy crashing and exploding onto PS5. A pair of resolutely brilliant adventures, if Naughty Dog just gave us both games in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second I’d be more than happy, but chances are we’re going to get far greater improvements than just that. A chance to go back through two of the best third person action adventures that money can buy with all new improvements and refreshed visuals? Sign me up.

best upcoming ps5 games uncharted legacy of thieves

13) Gotham Knights

Picturing an alternate setting where Bruce Wayne has died and the shadowy cabal of the Court of Owls has risen to taken control, Gotham Knights thrusts players into the boots of Batman’s closest allies such as Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and more. Developed by Warner Bros Montreal studio that brought us the supremely underrated Batman Arkham Origins (why, oh why has that game not been remastered yet?), Gotham Knights takes the classic combat and traversal systems seen in the Batman Arkham games and transposes them into a Destiny style, action RPG setting where each character can be fully upgraded with new weapons, skills and abilities. A year where we get not one but *two* DC licensed Batman adjacent titles? Crom smiles upon us.

best upcoming ps5 games gotham knights

14) Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Strategy meets Marvel from XCOM developer Firaxis? Yep, we’ll have some of that thank you very much. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, wannabe armchair generals get to control the darker side of the Marvel Universe as the titular Midnight Suns which encompass the likes of Blade, Ghost Rider, Nico Minoru and Magik are enlisted by the Avengers as a last ditch effort to take on Lilith, Mother of Demons. A seemingly riotous fusion of the sophisticated turn-based strategy that Firaxis is known for together with the blinding spectacle and high stakes of the Marvel Universe, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is looking every bit like the turn-based Marvel tactical extravaganza that we all never knew we wanted until now.

best upcoming ps5 games marvels midnight suns

15) Cyberpunk 2077

As obvious as the sky is blue, Cyberpunk 2077‘s release in 2020 was a rushed and haggard affair to say the least. Clearly intended to make the most of the current generation crop of consoles, Cyberpunk 2077’s ambition was clearly too much for the humble PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles – and indeed even for itself given the arguably poor state that it shipped in. With an additional 18 months or so development time on the clock then, I’m actually still very excited to experience CD Projekt RED’s sprawling Cyberpunk RPG in the way it should have been to start with.

best upcoming ps5 games cyberpunk 2077

16) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Still one of the best RPGs of the last decade, the prospect of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt making its PlayStation 5 debut is certainly something of a salivating prospect to say the least. With a raft of performance improvements including (but not necessarily to) improved resolution, higher levels of detail and improved framerates, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS5 looks to represent yet another reason for old hands to take up the sword again, while also providing newcomers with the definitive version of a truly stellar RPG.

best upcoming ps5 games the witcher 3

17) WWE 2K22

With the last WWE 2K entry being the disastrous WWE 2K20 back in 2019, the notion of a new WWE game that has managed to break the annual release cycle is intriguing – not least because it means that if WWE 2K22 isn’t very good, 2K will have run out of excuses by that point. In all seriousness though, WWE 2K22 is shaping up rather nicely – with the additional development time being wisely spent to outfit the game with an all-new gameplay engine, refreshed creation suite, the return of GM mode and a massive uptick in visual fidelity. Could 2022 be the year for WWE 2K22? Time will tell, but I’m still excited to find out.

best upcoming ps5 games wwe 2k22