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Borderlands 3 Reveals ‘The Borderlands Are Yours’ Trailer

Gearbox has cooked up a new Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer, following on from the unveiling of its latest Vault Hunter, FL4K. You remember FL4K, right? You should, as Gearbox recently revealed on its official forums that the character should be referred to with the pronouns ‘they/them,’ and is keen for its users to respect this. In fact, you might find yourself banned if you don’t.

New Borderlands 3 Trailer

Check out the latest Borderlands 3 trailer below, which offers a more general overview of what to expect form the highly anticipated loot shooter.

Borderlands 3 is pencilled in for a September 13 release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game combines everything you love about the series thus far, so that means shooting hordes of enemies, hoovering up precious loot, and interacting with an eclectic lineup of characters.

At the hard edge of the galaxy lies a group of planets ruthlessly exploited by militarized corporations. Brimming with loot and violence, this is your home—the Borderlands. Now, a crazed cult known as The Children of the Vault has emerged and is spreading like an interstellar plague. Play solo or co-op as one of four unique Vault Hunters, score loads of loot, and save the galaxy from this fanatical threat.

We were lucky enough to go hands-on with Gearbox’s latest title a few months back, so be sure to read our thoughts here.

Be sure to brush up on the other three Vault Hunters if you haven’t already done so. They’re called Amara, Moze, and Zane.

The Borderlands franchise is one of 2K’s most profitable IPs, having sold over 48 million units worldwide since its launch back in 2009. Borderlands 2 followed in 2012, with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel arriving two years later. In addition, Telltale Games produced Tales from the Borderlands, an episodic spin-off series, between 2014 and 2015.

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