Detroit Become Human Feature Guide PS4

Detroit Become Human Magazines – Locations To Find Them All

detroit become human magazines

To find all the Detroit Become Human magazines, you'll need to do a lot of searching. As well as discovering some of the back-story to Quantic Dream's sci-fi adventure, you'll also unlock one of the PS4 trophies, called Bookworm.

Remember, you can use R2 to scan your location which brings up items of interest in yellow. This will make them easy to spot.

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Detroit Become Human Magazines Locations

The Hostage

Head into room where the father's body and cop are lying on the floor. Head to the kitchen area, and read the magazine next to the bubbling pot.

Shades of Color

You can't miss this one. As you walk down the path on your way out of the park, glance to the right and pick up the magazine on the bench.

A New Home

There are four magazines to find in this level. The first two are downstairs in the living room on the table. If you can't pick it up immediately, check back a little later after you've done a few chores and you'll be able to interact.

Get the other two magazines from Todd's room. The first is by the vinyl, and the other is on the side-board.


In the big drawing room with the giraffe, you'll find a magazine on the table in front of the TV.


Head into the kitchen and check next to the sink on the right.


There's many buildings you can enter in this chapter, but the one you're looking for is the Laundromat. Take a left when you get off the bus, and you'll find a magazine on a table.

Waiting for Hank

There's a magazine sitting on one of the desks near to wear Lieutenant Hank sits.

On The Run

This magazine moves around depending on which choices you made. It will either be next to you in the squat, by the TV at the motel or in front of the car if you slept there.


Check the bench when you get off the train before you head down the escalators.


Check the bedroom upstairs.

Russian Roulette

Grab this collectible in Hank's bedroom.

The Eden Club

Head to the far side of the warehouse, where you'll find the magazine on a crate.

The Bridge

Grab this one from the bench when Connor steps out of his car.

The Detroit Become Human magazines location guide is currently a work in progress. We'll keep updating it. If you know any more locations, let us know in the comments below.