Detroit Become Human Feature Guide PS4

Detroit Become Human Partners Flowchart – 100% Completion

detroit become human time to decide flowchart

Check out the Detroit Become Human Partners flowchart. Complete this chapter 100% by unlocking all the paths. In this level, you’ll be tasked with an investigation. There are multiple ways to play through, and the following walkthrough we’ll show you how to complete it.

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Detroit Become Human Partners Flowchart

Find Lieutenant Anderson

  1. Scan the bar. You need to see their face to analyse them
  2. He's sitting at the bar. Introduce yourself.
  3. Threaten, Understand or Reason (this will affect how much he likes or detests you).
  4. Spill his drink, buy him another drink, or wait outside – you’ll have to revisit the Partners chapter in Detroit Become Human twice again to be able to unlock these two options.

Follow Anderson

  1. Investigate crime scene - Red ice by TV.
  2. Floor > Get sample dried blood and analyse
  3. Check blood patch on floor.
  4. Examine the I Am ALIVE writing behind victim.(Analyse the blood on the wall).
  5. Examine victim, analyse and reconstruct attack on Carlos.
  6. Check Eden Club flyer on table.
  7. Open cupboard.
  8. Go through into other room, check dried blood by doorway.
  9. Check more dried blood and fingerprints on overturned chair.
  10. Read Gossips weekly and Tech Addict.
  11. Press L1 by window, and note the missing knife on the wall.
  12. Examine the bat on the floor and analyse and reconstruct crime.
  13. Head to the shower room downstairs and examine the religious offering by the plughole.

Note: To complete The Partners flowchart 100%, you’ll need to replay this level and don’t conclude the investigation. You’ll need to wait approximately five minutes. Don’t find the 10th investigative piece and you’ll unlock the Hank Wants To Go path.

Ask for One More Time. Until this point, you’ve been building up a relationship with Hank. Depending on his standing with you he’ll either Refuse or Accept. If he accepts, wait again and let the mission fail.

Report to Lieutenant Anderson

Dialogue Option – There are two endings. You will have to revisit the chapter to complete both for 100%

Option One – Found Deviant Outcome – In the kitchen > With the Bat > The android stabbed the victim > Living room > With the Knife

Option Two – Get it All Wrong and Crime is Unsolved.

Find deviant search for blue blood traces

  1. Head back toward s the show room and examine the two blood areas in corridor
  2. Go out into garden - Analyse the ground
  3. Take the chair from the kitchen and place it to under the attic. Climb up and open
  4. Look for Deviant in attic.