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God of War Crafting, Customization and Progression Video

god of war crafting customization

God of War PS4 is set to be far bigger and more in-depth than previous games in the series. In the following video we get a look at crafting, customization and progression, and despite not being an RPG, it certainly borrows many elements from the genre.

The God of War crafting and customization options will allow players to adapt Kratos to their own play-style. In the video we also get a look at the progression system, which shows that Kratos has five attributes.

  • Strength
  • Runic
  • Defense
  • Vitality
  • Luck
  • Cooldown

God of War PS4 skill trees

They'll also be various skill trees, allowing you to choose which areas you'd like to focus on. For example, the Axe skill tree allows you to equip different ability types to your weapon.

As well as upgrading Kratos, his son Atreus is also upgradeable. In the video, we get to see some of the items that will be available, including the Reaver Tunic and the Boar Hide Shoulder Guard. To craft an item, you’ll need to gather a certain amount of resources.

God of War Crafting

According to gameplay footage prior to release, the new crafting system involves upgrading your armor and weapons through two Dwarven blacksmiths called Brokkr and Sindri.

god of war atreus and kratos
God of War crafting system has evolved since last game.

The currency in God of War PS4 is hacksilver, so players will need to earn cash in order to upgrade. By equipping certain weapons and armor, such as the Leviathan Axe or Talon Bow, you'll increase the power level of Kratos.

Stay tuned for more God of War PS4 news as we head towards the April 20 release date.

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