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God of War Difficulty Will Test The Mere Mortal As Settings Confirmed

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Having previously learned about God of War PS4's hardest difficulty setting, we've now got new details about all the modes. Depending on the challenge you want to set yourself, you can start God of War with one of four settings.

These God of War difficulty levels can be amended at any point, unless you're playing on the hardest difficulty. With the God of War review embargo due to lift on April 12, we're excited to tell you more. For now, we can confirm that players will be able to set these options before they begin their new adventure.

God of War Difficulty Settings

Give Me A Story: This is the easiest setting, meant for players that want to enjoy the story. You won't be punished as harshly during combat, and the setting will allow you to make some mistakes.

Give Me A Balanced Experience: This is typically the ‘normal' mode that you'd find in many games. Aimed to give you a balanced experience, you can expect a challenging playthrough but one that doesn't test you to your limits.

Give Me A Challenge: This is the mode for players who like a challenge. You can expect tougher enemies in battle. If you've beaten other games on hard difficulty this will be the setting for you.

Give Me God of War: Sony Santa Monica has gone all out to make this hardest setting extremely challenging. This isn't just about the enemies hitting harder, but they'll behave more intelligently. You won't be able to change this setting if you start the game with Give Me God of War so you'll be in for a rough ride!

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  • Swinny UK

    I’m really happy about this. A Triple A developer trying, for once. I mean, what games have decent hard modes in the entire PS4 library(not including Remasters)? Considering everything I’ve played, I can only think of Iron Mode in Dishonored 2. This makes death permenant, and it works so well in a stealth game. I mean, think about it, to even die in the first place you’d need to make a series of mistakes. First you’ll have to be playing reckless enough to get spotted, then you will decide not to run, but to stay and fight. Then, in combat, you’d have to make at least two bad decisions/mistakes and screw up the fight, and THEN you die. And at that point, you deserve to, and it was totally your fault. This enhances the stealth aspect of this game 10-fold. I mean, really, it’s 10x more fun in this mode. Not only does it add to the tension, but it makes each and every system/mechanic relevant to you and more useful(and therefore much more fun to use!) than they are on the other modes.

    But that’s the only decent hard mode that I can think of, on PS4. PS4 has no equivlent of Dante Must Die from DMC, or Hardcore Mode from Dead Space, or Non-stop Infinite Climax from Bayonetta. This generation has been the worst yet if you like engaging challenges and good game design. I mean, IMO, that’s how engaging challenges are made: it comes as a result of good game design. This is why most modern games fall to pieces on the higher difficulties. It’s because they’re not designed well, so the higher difficulties only expose their flaws. I think a well designed game gets better as the difficulty increases(to a point), not worse. Hopefully God Of War is one of those games. The old GOW games had crappy hard modes too, but they didn’t redesign the challenges as they have done in the new one, they only cranked up the numbers, exposing to gamers everywhere the terrible hitboxes, inconsistent defensive options, enemies that attack faster than you can dodge(with flurry attacks) and so on.

    A good, engaging, fun challenge, IMO, is when I get punished in some way, whether that means taking damage or dying, it was because I made a mistake, and not because the game is cheap and terribly designed. Think about it, if you make a mistake, that means you can evaluate the situation and correct that mistake. But if you got punished as a result of bad design, there is no mistake for you to correct, and rather than being engaging and fun, that’s just frustrating. And most hard modes are like this. It’s no wonder so many people think challenge is always frustrating when they’ve been exposed to a decade of mostly really badly designed hard modes.