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H1Z1 Vehicles Guide For PS4 – Which Is The Best?

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Knowing which vehicles to use and their strengths is of huge importance in Daybreak's new Battle Royale game. Check out some H1Z1 PS4 tips, then join us as we take a look at the H1Z1 vehicles that are currently available.

In H1Z1, vehicles aren't only useful for getting from A to B, but they can also provide a strong tactical advantage. Right now, there are currently four H1Z1 vehicles in the game.

  • Jeep
  • ATV
  • Police Car
  • Pickup Truck

All you need to do to get in a vehicle is walk up to it, press triangle and off you go. Remember that each H1Z1 vehicle will only drive for a certain amount of time before it runs out of fuel.

You can see fuel pump locations on the map, indicated in purple. You can fill up with fuel here. You can also provide a speed boost in your car by pressing L1. This drains your fuel faster, but can be extremely useful.

h1z1 police car
H1Z1 vehicles – Police car is the best.

H1Z1 Vehicles

Let's take a look at each vehicle in a bit more depth.

Jeep: Seating up to four players, three of those are able to shoot from its windows. The Jeep works extremely well while off-road. If feels very grounded to drive, so you can speed across bumpy terrain without worrying that it will spin over. It also provides good cover all the way around.However, it's a little slower than the police car.

Police car: This is our favorite vehicle. It's much quicker than all the other vehicles, so you move across the map much quicker. This is ideal for chasing enemies, or attempting to get to the military crate drops quickly. Be careful over bumpy terrain though as it will spin over if you hit an awkward bump. It also seats four players, and you can activate a siren!

ATV: This speedy machine is much stealthier to use than the other H1Z1 vehicles due to its size. However, the lack of cover also makes you a sitting duck. It's the second fastest vehicle in the game behind the police car. You can also seat an extra player on the back. It's decent for nipping around quickly from one area to the next.

Pickup Truck: This is by far the worse vehicle in the game. It feels more awkward to control and it's slower than the others. It also takes damage quickly, so we'd recommend only using this one if you can't find one of the other vehicles.

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