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How Much Is The PS5 Going To Cost? (And How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay?)

How much is the PS5 going to cost?

With Sony’s late 2020 PS5 release slowly coming into focus, we’re starting to get a handle on what the machine is going to pack into its generously technology stuffed chassis. Including an 8 core, 16 thread Ryzen CPU through to a cutting edge Radeon GPU capable of hardware ray-tracing, 8K resolution, a 4K Blu-ray drive and cutting edge, low-level access capable SSD, it’s clear that the PS5 will be a technological monster. However the question remains – how much is the PS5 going to cost?

How Much Is The PS5 Going To Cost?

From the get-go, it’s obvious that the sort of tech that Sony is cramming into the PS5 means that it won’t be a cheap console to manufacture. However, as was the case with PS4 and later PS4 Pro, it’s clear that the $399 RRP is a sweet point of sorts for the industry and coming in at a price higher than that could possibly hurt the PS5 at launch.

Of course, there are wrinkles to this. Sony might well opt for a dual-SKU approach – releasing a ‘standard’ PS5 console with 1TB of storage at $399 (and thus incurring a loss and requiring the profit margins to be made from accessories, service add-ons and games), while charging $449 or $499 for a second version of the console that has increased internal storage.

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If you’re wondering why Sony would even consider a second SKU with larger internal storage, it’s down to speculation that the SSD which the PS5 uses is so fast that it sits at a low-level within the PS5 architecture – allowing the console to tap into that storage as if it was system RAM for bigger game worlds and much improved multitasking capabilities.

How much is the PS5 going to cost
Now, this is just an image of the purported PS5 devkit as it currently stands, however, how much would *you* pay for the PS5? $399? $449? $499?

This would then mean that an external solution would, as of right now, not be fast enough to match what Sony have done internally with the machine. Unless they’re happy with customers potentially taking a performance hit by using external storage, this means that you might be ‘stuck’ with whatever drive the machine comes with (again this is speculation based off the reveal thus far), though Sony’s new ‘Intelligent Delivery’ system would help in that regard – allowing users to install and uninstall game components in a modular fashion.

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Sony have yet to officially announce the PS5 price – but stay tuned for that information, because as the pace of PS5 reveals seems to be ramping up as we enter 2020, it surely won’t be long until the PS5 price is officially known to all and sundry.

How much would you pay for the PS5 though, and what features could Sony conceivably squeeze into the machine which might encourage you to reach deeper into your pockets? And would you be prepared to stomach the idea of two SKUs too – one with say 1TB storage and another with more? Let us know in the comments!