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Is Halo Coming To PS5?

Is Halo Coming To PS5? – The long-running shooter franchise Halo has been the chief IP, the master mascot for team Xbox and Microsoft since the dawn of the console platform.

Not only has it maintained a spot as one of the best shooter franchises available, it’s been the envy of PlayStation players everywhere who didn’t have an Xbox at home to experience each epic journey.

On top of a huge multiplayer experience, of course. Which is why PlayStation players haven’t stopped asking whether or not the series will make its way over to PlayStation.

So, is Halo coming to PS5? Will the Halo franchise come to PlayStation? Find out below.

Is Halo Coming To PS5?

At time of writing, no, it doesn’t look like the Halo series will be coming to PS5, or PlayStation consoles. Halo has always been an IP owned by Xbox and Microsoft, with each entry developed by an Xbox Game Studios team.

That’s the short answer, but the long answer is now looking more like a big “maybe.” While it’ll likely be the case that Halo will forever be developed by a studio under the Xbox Games Studio umbrella, recent rumours point to it releasing on multiple console platforms.

Rumours have spread suggesting that Xbox is due to reveal a change in its business strategy. Namely that it will no longer have exclusive titles, and instead publish its games, even first-party games, on all platforms.

The only official word from Xbox currently comes from Phil Spencer, who said players can expect to see an update to their business strategy soon.

Until that event airs, we can only speculate just how far this strategy change will go. If Halo is going to make it’s way to a console not called Xbox, that’ll change the industry forever.