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Monster Hunter World Challenge Quest – Spring Blossom Fest Details

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There's a lot going on right now with one Monster Hunter World Challenge quest after another coming up over the next week. With the launch of Spring Blossom Fest comes plenty of new challenge quests and event quests to get stuck into!

The Spring Blossom Fest starts in Monster Hunter World on April 6, 2018. Let's first take a look at the Challenge Quests. It's worth noting that all quests start at 12am UTC on the date specified and end at 11:59 UTC on the end date, apart from the Gale & Fangs Slay Event 2 which starts at 8pm UTC.

Monster Hunter World Challenge Quest - Spring Blossom Fest

  • Down the Dark, Muddy Path: April 6-19 (Level 3) - Slay a Barroth
  • Vespoid Infestation: April 6-19 (Level 4) - Slay 30 Vespoid
  • Gale & Fangs Slay Event 1 - April 6-19 (Level 16) - Slay all target monsters
  • Gale & Fangs Slay Event 2 - April 13-29 (Level 16) - Slay all target monsters
  • Challenge Quest 1: Beginner - April 13-19 (Level 2) Slay all target monsters

And, don't forget there's still a host of Monster Hunter World Challenge Quests in progress which you still join in, right up until the end of Spring Blossom Fest. You can view the full list in-game.

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Which Monster Hunter World Challenge Quest will you take?

Alongside those new challenge quests, there's also a ton of event quests.

Monster Hunter World Event Quests - Spring Blossom Fest

Starting today, and running until April 19, you'll find the following quests:

  • Lessons of the Wild
  • The Proving
  • Up at the Crack of Dawn
  • Every Hunter's Dream
  • Rock N' Roll Recess
  • Ya-Ku with that?
  • Greeting the Gluttons
  • Wicked Wildspire Warfare
  • Flesh Cleaved to Bone
  • Kirin the Myth
  • The Poison Posse
  • Scrapping with the Shamos
  • A Flash in the Pan
  • Wiggle Me This
  • Triple Threat Throwdown
  • Rollin with the Uragaan
  • Deep Green Blues
  • Wildspire Bolero
  • Coral Waltz
  • Relish the moment
  • A Simple Task
  • Tracking the Delivery

Boot up Monster Hunter World today, and get slaying some beasts!

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