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PS5 Games Lineup Will ‘Satisfy Fans,’ Says Sony

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Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, has said during the company’s latest financial call that it is confident the PS5 games lineup will “satisfy” folk, and unsurprisingly, reckons its upcoming next-generation will be a success. To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase, “Duh.”

PS5 Games Teased By Sony

Totoki-san commented that first-party studios at Sony as well as third-party developers are crafting titles that “will satisfy game fans.” Sadly, there’s no indication of what those games are, or even what we can expect for the launch lineup, but it’s exciting to hear Sony talking about PS5 when it’s still around a year out from release.

We’ve had quite a lot of juicy stories coming from the earnings call today. First up, Sony announced that PS4 sales had passed a new milestone, becoming the second best selling console over all time in the process.

Next, the hardware manufacturer revealed that PlayStation Now subscriptions had hit one million worldwide, and that the studio has its eye on acquiring more studios ahead of the release of PS5.

Speaking of the PS5, Sony confirmed earlier this month that it is targeting a holiday 2020 release for the new system. This means it will be going up against the Xbox Scarlett from Microsoft.

The new console will reportedly be fully unveiled during an event in New York City in February 2020, where it is expected Sony will also re-reveal Ghost of Tsushima as a PS5 game. In the meantime, Sony has confirmed a wide range of features for the machine, including backwards compatibility with PS4 games, an SSD, ray-tracing, and 8K.

A recent rumor has claimed that Sony is also going to offer the chance to play older PlayStation games on the new console. As such, it’s probably worth hanging onto your old discs for the time being.

Source: WSJ