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PS5 SSD Superiority To PC SSDs Explained By Tim Sweeney

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney has further explained why the PS5 SSD is superior to its PC counterpart in a new post on Twitter, after the developer heaped praise on Sony’s new hardware following the Unreal Engine 5 reveal earlier this week.

Tim Sweeney Talks PS5 SSD

Sweeney was responding to some now-deleted Tweets about the subject, where he offered insight as to why the PS5’s SSD packs a greater punch:

Those PC numbers are theoretical, and are from drive into kernel memory. From there, it’s a slow and circuitous journey through software decompression to GPU driver swizzling into video memory where you can eventually use it. The PS5 path for this is several times more efficient.

The PS5 SSD is a major attraction for Sony’s new console, able to render game worlds without the need for tiresome load times, as well as giving users much more storage space to boot. Needless to say, developers are more than a little excited for what the device brings to the table.

Sony will release the PS5 in holiday 2020, and right now there’s no sign of any delays despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.