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Rage 2: Projects Explained, How To Get Project Points, Projects To Buy First

Rage 2: Projects Explained, How To Get Project Points, Projects To Buy First

Projects are one of the more obscure aspects of Rage 2. It is unclear what they are and how you actually unlock them. Similarly, earning Project Points is unclear. This guide will explain everything you need to know about Projects, which ones to Buy First, and how to get Project Points.

Projects Explained

Projects act as passive upgrades to Walker, increasing his/her power as the game progresses. There are four categories of Projects and they all unlocked in the following ways:

Basic Projects are unlocked from Lily after beating the tutorial.

Kill & Destroy Projects focus on weapons and throwables. They are unlocked from Marshall upon beating the mission Blackout in the town of Gunbarrel.

Capture & Control Projects are focused on engineering and resources. This set can be unlocked from Loosum Hagar, once you have finished the mission Wasteland Celebrity.

Search & Recover Projects are centred around Nanotrites and making Walker more effective outside of combat. This set can be unlocked after visiting Dr. Kvasir and completing the mission Ground Control.

How To Get Project Points

In order to buy each upgrade, you will need a certain amount of Project Points. Level 1 Projects requires one point, level 2 projects cost two points, level 3 projects will set you back three points, with level four projects costing a whopping four points.

These Points can be obtained by completing any of the many types of activity out in the Wasteland of Rage 2. Any activity marked with a blue, yellow, or pink outline will grant you Project Points upon completion.

Completing these activities will level up each ally and grant you even more Project Points.

Rage 2: Projects Explained, How To Get Project Points, Projects To Buy First
There are a variety of Projects to purchase in the game. Some are more useful than others.

Which Projects To Buy First?

As each category of Project is locked until you buy enough from the previous one, your choices are quite limited early on. However, there are a few Projects you should pick up as soon as you can.

All of the Basic Projects – All of these are extremely beneficial to unlock early on. You should have enough Project Points within the first hour or two to purchase them all.

Kill & Destroy Projects

Bullet Bag and Throwables Bag will allow you to hold more ammo and throwables.

Pain Resistance is a great project to buy as taking damage can be disorienting without it.

Moving Target will reduce the damage you take whilst sprinting. You will be sprinting a lot during combat, so get this as soon as you can.

Capture & Control Projects

Convoy Locator is a useful project as Convoys hold valuable Auto Parts for vehicle upgrades.

Wingstick Lock-On and Fast Wingstick Lock-On should be a priority as aiming the Wingstick without it is a little tricky.

Search & Recover Projects

Datapad Tracking should be an early pick, as each one will give you a new activity to complete. Alternatively, you can use our Datapads guide.

Storage Container Tracking is also a great choice. These containers hold valuable Cash and Feltrite.

Vampiric Overdrive is really useful, as it gives you a burst of health upon using Overdrive.

Impact Absorption is the final project to get early on, as fall damage can be quite punishing.

That covers Projects. This rundown here serves as a good early-game guide. Later on in the game, you will want to experiment with projects that benefit your playstyle.

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