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Sniper Elite VR Announced For PS VR

Sniper Elite VR Announced For PS VR

Sniper Elite VR for PS VR has been unveiled by Rebellion and Just Add Water. The news came during E3 2019.

Sniper Elite VR is set in Italy during 1943. Built from the ground up for PS VR Rebellion have transported the classic sniping feel of the Sniper Elite games to a first-person perspective and virtual reality. The game will have you sniping from a vantage point and ducking into cover on the ground. All levels have free movement allowing you to truly explore the streets of Italy. A variety of weapons will also be available, including the classic Sniper Rifle, SMG and Welrod pistol.

On PS VR the game will support the PlayStation Aim controller, two PlayStation Move controllers (one in each hand), and a Dualshock 4 as control schemes, allowing you to truly play the way you want.

You can check out the first look at Sniper Elite VR in the video below:

Sniper Elite is a perfect fit for VR and I can’t wait to give the game a try when it releases, as I am a big fan of the core gameplay Rebellion have iterated upon over the last few years.

This announcement comes during E3 2019. You can watch all of the livestreams, as well as every conference at E3 2019 on our E3 2019 Livestream page.

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Sniper Elite VR is coming to PS VR.

What are your thoughts on the first look at the game?