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Sony Files Patent For A Cloud Gaming System To Take On Google Stadia

Sony Interactive Entertainment America has filed a patent for a cloud-based gaming system, indicating the company is looking to get into the ring for an epic ruck with Google Stadia. The patent was filed at the end of last month, and indicates that we could be looking at a separate console launching alongside the PlayStation 5.

Sony Files New Patent For Cloud Gaming System

According to the patent, “The cloud gaming system implements at least one channel driver to facilitate I/O processing for the one or more client devices when executed by the computing resources of the one or more data centers.”

Sony has already dabbled in cloud-based technology with PlayStation Now, which offers the ability to stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. The service supports over 600 games, and also includes the ability to download titles directly to your console.

Microsoft meanwhile is looking to bolster is Game Pass service with Project xCloud, but quite what Sony has up its sleeves going forward remains a mystery at this point. The patent definitely gives us an idea, but nothing official has been confirmed at this point.

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As for the PS5, Sony is rumoured to fully reveal the new console during an event in New York City in February 2020.

While the hardware giant hasn’t confirmed an official release date for its next-generation system, a Wall Street Journal report claims that the PS5 will arrive in holiday 2020. This puts it out in the same time frame as the Xbox Scarlett from Microsoft.

A number of developers have recently spoke out about the arrival of new systems. Ubisoft reckons they will offer a ‘major leap‘ over the PS4 and Xbox One, while Platinum Games feels they will be ‘more of the same.’

Beyond this, the console juggernaut is also reportedly working on a successor to the PSVR.

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