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The Quarry Has Gone Gold

The Quarry is developer Supermassive’s spiritual successor to Until Dawn, and something different from the horror focused studio than the previous Dark Pictures anthology it has been focusing on.

Today, it was announced that The Quarry has officially gone gold, meaning that the game is content complete, and all the work remaining amounts to cleaning things up and making it ready for launch, which comes June 10, 2022.

It’ll be in just six weeks, as Supermassive points out, that we’ll all get a chance to dig into what, for all intents and purposes, looks to be a truly evolved game from what Until Dawn was.

In fact, according to Supermassive Games director Will Byles, the game has 186 unique endings for players to discover. You also don’t need to press a button the whole time to play it, thanks to a new movie mode.

If you want me to check out more on The Quarry, you can check out 30 minutes of gameplay for yourself, here.

Source – [Twitter]