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  • In the Spotlight: Isaac Clarke

    Grab a cuppa and get comfy as treats you to another entry in our on-going Spotlight feature, where we scrutinize some of gaming’s most iconic characters. Last time around we took a peak at Final Fantasy VII’s answer to Mr T., the potty-mouthed gun-arm badass that is Barrett Walla...

  • Dead Space's scariest moments

    Visceral Games is often credited for single-handily reinvigorating the Survival Horror genre with the release of its 2008 sci-fi horror title Dead Space. With an equally successful sequel arriving three years later, the EA-published franchise has established itself as one of the most important horro...

  • Badass Bosses: Hive Mind (Dead Space)

    Welcome back to’s on-going Badass Bosses series, where we extoll some of gaming’s most memorable scraps to grace a PlayStation format. Last time around we scrutinized God of War III’s epic Cronos fight, which saw Kratos go toe-to-toe with a skyscraper-sized behemoth. For ou...

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