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  • Dead Space to lack a pause menu?

    Electronic Arts is looking to prove themselves as a major contender in other genres outside of sports and licensed games of the past. New to their lineup is the sci-fi horror title, Dead Space, which EA claims will be one of the scariest games of 2008. If EA wants to create the scariest game of ...

  • PS3 Dead Space to be on par with 360

    Dead Space is Electronic Arts’ first foray into the survival-horror genre as the company tries something new besides the slew of movie licensed games and sports titles. In Dead Space, players take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is sent on a search and rescue mission. What he finds ...

  • Dead Space sequel(s) a possibility?

    Coming later this year will be Electronic Art’s first attempt at the horror genre, Dead Space. How will it fair against giants such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil? Right now we’re unsure, but what we can reveal is that the upcoming horror epic could possibly span a series of games, rat...

  • EA confirms Dead Space: A surivial-horror game

    It has emerged that EA are soon set to enter the survival horror genre for the first time with their latest game entitled 'Dead Space'. The October issue of Game Informer features Dead Space as the cover game with the following text; "In the far reaches of space, humanity brings to light a f...

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