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  • No God of War III until Xmas 2009?

    Games Radar is reporting that the next instalment in the God of War series, God of War III, will not be released until Christmas 2009 at the very earliest. The PlayStation 3 exclusive was originally reported to be in the works for a release later this year. However, citing a “reliable&rdqu...

  • Cory Barlog talks God of War III, his future

    When it was announced that David Jaffe, the man behind the original God of War, would be leaving Sony and forming his on studios, people freaked. How could God of War II be as amazing as the original without Jaffe heading the project? Now that God of War II has come and gone, people know that Cory B...

  • David Jaffe talks God of War III

    Earlier in the year it was revealed that David Jaffe, the creative director for both God of War and God of War II would be taking a departure from SCEA to form his own gaming company based in Utah. Despite his absence, Jaffe remains closely linked with the Santa Monica team whom is currently working...

  • Donate to charity for God of War 3 hands on?

    Sony's Santa Monica Studio recently posted a charity auction on to win a chance to get hands on time with their new unannounced PlayStation 3 title. Our guess: God of War 3. According to the listing, the winner can bring a friend and the two of them will fly to Santa Monica to m...

  • God of War III to be best yet?

    Earlier in the week we reported that God of War III is confirmed for the PlayStation 3 console. As soon as the news marinated on PlayStation 3 dwellers, all sorts of anticipation for GOW3 that was not previously there, suddenly took surface. Just how will one of the biggest PlayStation 2 franchises ...

  • Cory Barlog leaves SCEA, God of War III confirmed

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that Cory Barlog, Director of the PlayStation 2 hit God of War II, has quit his position with the firm’s Santa Monica Studios to pursue other ventures. "We can confirm that Cory Barlog, game director for God of War II, is leaving the S...

  • God of War 3 vs Gears of War 2, Christmas 2008?

    According to, God of War 3 is in development at Sony's Santa Monica Studio and will be releasing this next holiday season. Also mentioned was Epic's Gears of War, and how the sequel may be finished to ship alongside God of War 3. "...The folks at SCEA Santa Monica are already ha...

  • God of War III development hasn't started...yet

    PlayStation 3 owners and God of War fans alike have a long wait ahead of them for the next installment of the God of War franchise. Cory Barlog, director of God of War 2 updated his blog and mentioned that work on God of War 3 has not started yet. He stated "If we do get started on a GOW fo...

  • God of War 3 on PS3 confirmed, with rumble?

    At the God of War 2 launch event Cory Barlog unofficially confirmed God of War 3 for the PlayStation 3. Barlog did confirm that God of War 3 will run at the highest possible HD resolution, 1080p, and the game will support SIXAXIS tilt and vibration functions. Barlog also confirmed he is looking i...

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