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The Witness
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December 31st, 1969
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December 31st, 1969
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Thekla, Inc.
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About The Witness

An open-world puzzler by Braid creator Jonathan Blow, destined for release as a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4.

The Witness News

  • The Witness PS4 running at 1080p/60fps, confirms Jonathan Blow

    Jonathan Blow, the creator behind the upcoming PlayStation 4 puzzler, The Witness, has shared information regarding the title's progress on European PlayStation blog. According to Blow, most of the game’s main content has been done, allowing the developer to give priority to extra things for...

  • Fresh new screenshots of The Witness bask in the sun

    Braid's Jonathan Blow and his team have released new screenshots of their upcoming first-person exploration game The Witness. Artist Orsi Spanyol took to The Witness blog to give an update on her team's work and presented a few visual goodies as well (click each to enlarge). Let us kn...

  • PS4's The Witness gets new 'Last Minute Area' screenshot

    Orsi Spanyol, co-designer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 puzzle adventure game The Witness, has released a new screenshot on The Witness blog entitled the "Last Minute Area." "Around Christmas time, Jon surprised us with a bunch of new slab buildings full of puzzles in the center o...

  • PS4's The Witness game length revealed

    The Witness will always bear the honor of being one of the first PlayStation 4 games announced, and it was one of the first that I saw in intimate detail. Early PS4 buyers will still have to wait until early 2014 to play it, but according to its creator--independent developer Jonathan Blow--the game...

  • The Witness wallpapers are gorgeous desktop art

    Thekla, Inc., the independent development home of Braid creator Jonathan Blow, has released a host of desktop wallpapers for The Witness. Blow's first post-Braid effort made its public debut at the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, and will be a timed exclusive for Sony's next-generation conso...

  • PS4 title The Witness using 5GB RAM

    PlayStation 4 puzzler The Witness utilizes 5GB out of the console’s generous 8GB RAM, creator Jonathan Blow has revealed. Blow confirmed the details during a series of posts on Twitter while discussing the innards of Sony’s next-generation console and his upcoming game. Check them ...

  • Sony loves indies - Here are 30 indie games coming to PlayStation platforms

    Any doubt that Sony was leading the console race to woo over indie developers has been squashed in the last couple months. The PlayStation 4's reveal and a string of digital successes have seen indie game makers come out of the woodwork to sing Sony's praises. The publishing process has been streaml...

  • Braid creator Jonathan Blow thinks PS4 may beat next Xbox

    Speaking to EDGE magazine, celebrated indie dev and Braid creator Jonathan Blow indicated Sony's positioning with PlayStation 4 is more desirable than Microsoft's direction with the next-generation Xbox. Specifically, Blow thinks Microsoft's all-encompassing entertainment focus misses the mark, and...

  • Braid creator's PS4 game The Witness is a Sony exclusive, for now

    Braid creator Jonathan Blow has described the nature of his relationship with Sony and why The Witness will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for the foreseeable future. Speaking in an interview with Kotaku, Blow professed that the timed exclusivity agreement he signed with Sony has absolutely no money ...

  • PS4 indie puzzler The Witness gets trailer

    Moments ago, Braid creator Jonathan Blow announced a new game for PlayStation 4: The Witness. We know that the game will be an open-world puzzler set on a colorful, mysterious island. The Witness also focuses heavily on the idea of "epiphany" - that moment when a human being leaps from con...

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