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Killzone: Shadow Fall
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First Person
Release Date (US):
November 15th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 29th, 2013
Online Players:
Guerrilla Games
Sony Computer Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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Exclusive to PlayStation 4.

About Killzone: Shadow Fall

The fourth main entry in the Killzone franchise is Shadow Fall, and will release on PlayStation 4.



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In its attempt to iterate on Killzone trademarks, Shadow Fall comes up short of greatness, but has enough tight action and expanded lore to please series enthusiasts.

We like

  • Visceral, polished shooting
  • Breathtaking graphics and art direction
  • Well-realized setting and universe

We dislike

  • Vague level design with poor signposting
  • Lonely single-player missions
  • Flight and freefall sections

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Killzone: Shadow Fall takes steps to reinvent the franchise in a next-gen transition to wide-open areas, tactical shooting, and a slower pace--all told, a thinking man's game. If you look too closely, it's easy to see Killzone: Shadow Fall as a sum of gameplay, art, and design choices that have made shooters into mainstream blockbusters--inspirations from Crysis, Half-Life 2, and totalitarian settings are worn on its sleeve. B...

Killzone: Shadow Fall News

  • Killzone Shadow Fall receives two free multiplayer maps via update

    Making good with its promise to continue along the free downloadable content path, developer Guerrilla Games has provided fans with an additional two free multiplayer maps for its PS4 shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall. Killzone Community Editor Victor Zuylen took to Sony’s PlayStation Blog to s...

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall update 1.30 unleashed, get all details here

    PlayStation 4 FPS Killzone: Shadow Fall has received a new update courtesy of developer Guerrilla Games. Available to download now, update 1.30 incorporates a number of tweaks and focuses mainly on the game's multiplayer component. Check out the full skinny on 1.30 below. - - - - - - - - - ...

  • Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 patch 1.26 fixes bugs, adds support for Intercept

    The Killzone Shadow Fall patch v1.26 is now available for download, fixing a number of bug issues and enhancing a few features of Guerilla Games’ PS4 exclusive shooter. Here's the full update notes: • Added support for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Patch 1.26 adds support fo...

  • E3 2014: PSU's Killzone: Shadow Fall 'Intercept' DLC impressions: cooperative play at its best

    PSU's Senior Editor Kyle Prahl jumped into new co-op downloadable content incoming for Killzone: Shadow Fall. Kyle makes mention of the benefits of cooperative play and how well the co-op mode works when all players are working together. The "Intercept" DLC is set to release later this ...

  • E3 2014: PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall DLC 'Intercept' coming June 24

    Online co-op is making its way to Killzone Shadow Fall. According to a post on the U.S. PlayStation Blog by Jeroen Roding, Community Manager at Guerrilla Games, the DLC will be available on June 24th.   Roding writes, “...Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept is all about team play. It&rsqu...

  • Guerrilla Games introducing jetpacks to Killzone Shadow Fall

    As if the gun-touting, bullet-spraying mayhem of the multiplayer wasn’t quite enough for some tastes, Killzone Shadow Fall is about to become that little bit more chaotically tiered with the induction of jetpacks. Developer Guerrilla Games confirmed the reintroduction of the feature –...

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall gets new King of the Hill rule set

    PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall has received a fresh rule set for its King of the Hill multiplayer offering. The update introduces a dynamic battleground for players, featuring locations that frequently shift throughout play. See below for the full skinny, courtesy of the...

  • Killzone: Shadow Fall characters made up of 40k polygons

    The developed behind PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall has divulged some interesting tidbits on the FPS during a panel at the Game Developers Conference last week (via DualShockers). Speaking during a session titled ‘Taking Killzone Shadow Fall Image Quality into the Next Gen...

  • Guerilla Games responds to Killzone: Shadow Fall resolution controversy

    Guerilla Games, the studio behind PlayStation 4 launch exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, has responded to the controversy surrounding the recent Digital Foundry report that discovered the game's multiplayer mode drops its resolution to 960 x 1080 to bump the frame rate from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. The res...

  • Guerrilla Games deploys Killzone Shadow Fall free all-access multiplayer week

    Following the success of Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer all-access free weekend back at the tail end of December, developer Guerrilla Games has announced that another similar scheme is scheduled for the week beginning March 3. In celebration of the first free map DLC drop on March 5, th...

Killzone: Shadow Fall Features

  • Hands-on with Killzone: Shadow Fall: a launch title legend in the making

    Killzone: Shadow Fall is the launch title PlayStation deserves. I say this because, to date, Sony has yet to score an unrequited shooter hit--something on the mainstream-milestone level of Halo, Gears of War, or even a Half-Life. Sure, you can get the latter on PS3 (and rumors are swirling that Gea...

  • TGS 2013 - Best Shooter Award: Killzone: Shadow Fall

    With Sony soon to launch the PlayStation 4 it is only natural it has its flagship shooter ready for duty. With Shadow Fall, there are some new gadgets, beautiful new graphics that showoff the PS4, and it also feels like a Killzone game, which will make fans of the series happy. The most significan...

  • Gamescom 2013 Awards: Most Anticipated Game

    The Winner – Killzone: Shadow Fall There’s a barrage of games on our ‘Most Anticipated’ list for this year and beyond, but PlayStation 4’s launch juggernaut Killzone: Shadow Fall has trumped the competition following its Gamescom blowout. The multiplayer portion ...

  • Gamescom 2013 Awards - Best Trailer

      There were many excellent trailers showcased at Gamescom but the one that really stood to us was Killzone: ShadowFall. What Sony has done here is manage to capture the fun, variety and evolution of the Killzone series in less than two minutes. The trailer leaves you in no doubt to exactly...

  • Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Shooter

     The Winner – Killzone: Shadow Fall Shooters were out in full force  at Gamescom last week, but for us, PlayStation 4’s launch poster boy Killzone: Shadow Fall stood out among its contemporaries. Shadow Fall looks set to raise the bar in every aspect, from visuals, gamepla...

  • OPINION: Look before you leap into PS4, Killzone, and the uncanny valley

    There was something deftly unimpressive about Guerrilla Games' showing of Killzone: Shadow Fall last week. It may only have been a small demo, and certainly a work-in-progress, but I wonder if it had the audience at Sony’s conference cringing as much as I did. Maybe my expectations were too lo...

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