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Destiny 2 – How to Get Mida Multi-Tool

MIDA Multi-Tool was a favorite among Guardians in the Crucible, both in Destiny and Destiny 2. However, with a few nerfs to Scout Rifles, this long-time king of the Crucible has been dethroned. This doesn’t make it a bad gun, but it usually puts it low on the importance scale. Nevertheless, Shadowkeep hopes to bring back the Scout Rifle. With that, MIDA won’t be too far from becoming the meta once again.

Step 1

Obtain MIDA Mini-Tool

Similar to Sturm, you must first acquire a legendary weapon to start the quest for this Exotic. Here is how to get MIDA Mini-Tool.

MIDA Mini-Tool. There perfect complement to the long-range, primary, Scout Rifle that is MIDA Multi-Tool.

Step 1A

Complete all EDZ bounty story missions.

Step 1B

Complete the mission “Enhanced Mission.”

**MIDA Mini-Tool is now yours, and so is the quest to get MIDA Multi-Tool.

Step 2

Talk to Banshee-44 and get the Sight, Shoot, and Repeat quest.

  • Kill 50 enemies with headshots
  • Perform multikills without reloading 25 times

Step 3

Talk to Banshee

Acquire quest step Under the Hood.

Step 4

Under the Hood

  • Dismantle 5 Rare/Legendary Scout Rifles

Step 5

Talk to Banchee

Acquire quest step The Fall Will Kill You

Step 6

The Fall Will Kill You

  • Kill 50 enemies while in the air

The MIDA has been one of my favorite guns in Destiny, and hopefully, it will have its day in the Sun again soon. Nevertheless, we have plenty of Exotic Weapon Guides to keep you busy in the meantime, and they are all listed below. As always, keep your eyes up to PSU, Guardian.

How to get: