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Do You Need PlayStation Plus To Play H1Z1?

do you need playstation plus to play h1z1

H1Z1 has launched on PS4, and one of the more common questions we're hearing is: Do you need PlayStation Plus to play H1Z1? There's been a bit of confusion.

On the PlayStation Store, it clearly states that you need PlayStation Plus to play H1Z1. It reads:

“Network Players 2-99 – Full game requires PlayStation Plus membership to access online multiplayer.”

However, this is incorrect. You can play most free-to-play games without subscribing to PlayStation Plus. This includes H1Z1.

If you do own PS Plus, then some of the free-to-play games offer incentives. For example, H1Z1 gave players two Nemesis crate items: the tactical body armor and explorer backpack.

You also don't need a key. You can simply download the Battle Royale shooter directly from the PSN Store.

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