God of War PS4

God of War New Game Plus Coming to PS4, But No DLC

God of War DLC Was Too Big and Ambitious

A God of War New Game Plus mode is coming to Sony Santa Monica's PS4 exclusive. Revealed during the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference, the new update will allow players to start the game again and face an even tougher challenge.

God of War PS4 currently has four difficultly settings, ranging from “Give Me A Story”, the easiest game mode up to “Give Me God of War” the hardest setting. The higher the difficultly level, the better the reaction of the AI enemies.

With God of War New Game Plus expect an even tougher time! Sadly, PlayStation boss Shawn Layden didn't go into detail about the new mode, so right now we don't even know a release date.

That's likely it for future updates for action-RPG. There's still no plans for any God of War DLC and early this year Naughty Dog's Cory Barlog stated quite clearly that they wanted to add everything to the game from day one, rather than holding it back with DLC plans.

Post-launch, the game did receive a new Photo Mode, and there's already some chat about the God of War sequel.