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Monster Hunter World Mounting

monster hunter world mounting

Monster Hunter World mounting is one of the skills you need to master in order to get good and killing massive monsters. The thing is you will need a lot of practice and proper timing to execute the Monster Hunter World mounting maneuver perfectly. Here we give you a Monster Hunter World mounting guide to help you along.

Monster Hunter World Mounting Mechanics

Mounting is simply getting onto the monsters back like they do in a rodeo. Through this, you can perform special Monster Hunter World mounting damage if you are successful. Attacks while on mount are greater than if you are battling monster on foot.

Mounting also gives a higher chance of getting resource material from the monster’s body parts. Nothing can hinder your attacks if you manage to properly mount the monster. So here’s how you should do it:

  1. Get the monster’s attention and do your best to lead it near a high ledge you can climb up.
  2. Move fast as you climb up the ledge.
  3. Next wait for the monster to come closer and then jump and press Triangle to attack.
  4. Finally, you are now (or should be) mounted on the monster’s back.

Monster Hunter World Attack while on Mount

Getting into mount position is just the beginning. Next you will need to stay on mount and cause damage to the monster in order for you to defeat it. Follow these steps to knock it out:

  1. Watch and follow closely the Triangle prompts on the screen. Once you see it, press it on a timely basis or else you will lose your chance.
  2. Press and hold R2 to brace you in the monster’s back. If you fail to do this, you’ll drain your Stamina and will eventually fall to the ground.
  3. Stay mounted until you can charge up your attack. Once you charge your attack, deliver the final blow to paralyze the monster’s side or back.
  4. Continue to give continuous hits and then take a quick to check your weapons and then attack again.

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