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Realm Royale Tips and Tricks PS4 and Xbox One

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Get ahead with the game with our Realm Royale Tips and Tricks for PS4 and Xbox One. Hi-Rez Studio’s Rory Newbrough has confirmed that Realm Royale beta testing is coming to PS4 next week. So, enjoy our free Realm Royale PS4 Tips guide to get ahead of the game before it starts!

How to Play Realm Royale – Tips For PS4 To Survive

Get the best Realm Royale Tips and Tricks and be the last man standing.

Check Your Over-All Game Settings

We know you are all excited to get started, but hold your horses! Go to the options menu first and adjust the video and control settings. Then familiarize yourself with the assigned controls for player’s actions. You can also change the controls so your more comfortable with tje set-up.

Don’t forget to check your controller’s sensitivity. Most players prefer 6/6 or 7/7 for better accuracy when shooting. Sorting out the basics will make a big effect on your whole game. Try different sensitivities to see what suits.

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Choose the Right Realm Royale Classes

If you are not familiar with Realm Royale Classes, there are five of them. Before your landing, you need to choose if you want to be a Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, and Hunter. Each has its own special set of abilities, play style, advantages, and weaknesses.

Right Realm Royale Classes

To help you decide, here’s a quick overview of each class with the passive ability. But you should also read our detailed Realm Royale Classes guide to help you more.

  • Warrior Guide – works best for close-range combat and gives 5 health gain every second
  • Engineer Guide- best in launching turrets, building barricades and healing totem with gain 5 armour per second passive ability
  • Assassin Guide- stealth is their asset with 10% groundspeed gain
  • Mage Guide- handles options and spells with additional 30% potion effectiveness
  • Hunter Guide- moves around quickly, planting traps giving you 10% Swap Speed and Reload Speed gain

It is important to choose the class that fits your strategy and own game style.

Plan your Landing

Prepare for the right Realm Royale PS4 landing. Don’t just jump out and randomly land wherever you want. So, the first thing you need to do is look where storm circle is. Then you think of what kind of action you want to take. If you want to start safely, you can land a bit farther from the storm circle. You can also loot more buildings as you approach the battle area.

But if you want to get right into the action, land directly by the storm circle. If you’re brave enough, you can immediately kill enemies using your dagger. This way you can take their loot. But if there are too many, you should mount your horse and flee the scene.

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Mount Up

Enjoy a bit of horseback riding as you start the game. This way you can travel easier and faster. But be careful as you are more visible when you are mounted than if you’re on the ground. If in any case you get dismounted, run and don’t let the enemy catch you!

Keep an Eye For Smoke

Another one of the Realm Royale Tips and Tricks is how to find a Forge. The smoke coming out a chimney means there’s a Forge in that building and someone is using it. It’s a perfect time to ambush him while he’s forging. But be very alert as you are a target also when you are forging.

Learn the Chicken Run

If you get downed by an enemy you will not die instantly, but transform into a chicken instead. So, you have to run away or escape as fast as you can. This way you’ll return to life after 30 seconds of chicken running. Jump out of windows, hide, and fly because they can easily kill you in your chicken form. Feathers in your health bar indicate the number of times you can be resurrected as a chicken (only 3 times). Be quick to kill other chickens too!

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Disenchant Unnecessary Items

Looting from buildings and enemies gives you a lot of Realm Royale items but you don’t need them all. Disenchanting unwanted weapons and abilities give you Shards. You need Shards to use the Forge and craft more beneficial potions, abilities and Realm Royale weapons.

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Look up for Loots Quickly

Another of the Realm Royale Tips and Tricks PS4 is to land near a building’s entrance so you can go inside quickly and loot. You can prioritize opening rounder and taller chests as they contain weapons and abilities. But don’t throw your dagger just yet; always evaluate weapons before swapping. Then shorter and rectangular chests give potions you can use later in the game.

Have Fun and Enjoy

These are the ultimate Realm Royale Tips for PS4 and Xbox One for beginners, but let us know if you have any great tips. It’s not all about winning but most importantly how you play and enjoy the game. Realm Royale teaches cooperation, strategy, critical thinking and, of course, the value of teamwork as you work with your fellow players.

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