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Realm Royale Armor – Complete List PS4 and Xbox One

Realm Royale Armor

Learn how to protect yourself from enemy attacks with our Realm Royale Armor guide.

Realm Royale Armor is basic necessity you need it in order to survive and win battles. There is plenty of different armor in Realm Royale that you can collect and equip as you progress in the game. Whatever your Realm Royale class is however, you will need to know which armor is best for your playstyle. Here we give all Realm Royale Armor listings, their stats, and respective level of rarity.

Realm Royale Armor Types and Rarities

There are four major Realm Royal Armor types: Greaves, Breastplate, Gauntlets, and Helmet. The rarity of armor is categorized according to color. Common armors are white, Rare armor is green, Epic armor is purple and Legendary is orange.

You can be strategic in mixing and matching all four armors to maximize their benefits. The higher rarity you get, the more armor points and bonuses you get, such as mount speed for example. Certain Realm Royale abilities can also upgrade armor abilities, too.

Greaves Realm Royale Armor

Greaves are also called boots. Not only does it protect your feet but it also gives additional mount speed bonus as well.

  • Common Greaves: +100 Armor.
  • Rare Greaves: +160 Armor
  • Epic Greaves: +220 Armor and additional +5% Mount Speed.
  • Legendary Greaves: +300 Armor and + additional 15% to your Mount Speed.

Breastplate Realm Royale Armor

Breastplate or chest armor with higher rarity ratings in turn provides more armor points. Also, breastplates regenerate your health per second (HPS) while you are wearing it.

  • Common Breastplate: +100 Armor.
  • Rare Breastplate: +160 Armor
  • Epic Breastplate: +220 Armor and +5 HPS
  • Legendary Breastplate: +300 Armor and +15 HPS

Gauntlets Realm Royale Armor

Gauntlets are gloves you use in handling weapons. As such, its bonuses are additional reload speed and weapon swap speed.

  • Common Gauntlets: +100 Armor.
  • Rare Gauntlets: +160 Armor
  • Epic Gauntlets: +220 Armor, +10 Swap Speed, and added 10% Reload Speed
  • Legendary Gauntlets: +300 Armor, +30 Swap Speed, and added 30% Reload Speed

Helmet Realm Royale Armor

Helmets not only protect you from headshot and attacks, but also give you additional cooldown reduction.

  • Common Helmet: +100 Armor.
  • Rare Helmet: +160 Armor
  • Epic Helmet: +220 Armor, +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Legendary Helmet: +300 Armor, +30% Cooldown Reduction

Realm Royale Armor types work best when paired with the correct Realm Royale weapons depending on your class. Get that and our other Realm Royal PS4 guides below: