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Realm Royale Warrior Guide PS4 and Xbox One

Realm Royale Warrior Guide

Welcome to our Realm Royale Warrior Guide PS4 and Xbox One!

Realm Royale Classes feature five main characters to choose from each time you start the game. Each class has its own passive ability bonus, legendary weapon and build. One of these classes is the Warrior. Realm Royale Warriors are known to be both healers and shield providers. Keep on reading as our Realm Royale Warrior Guide helps you to maximize the Warrior’s contribution to the team.

Realm Royale Warrior Passive Ability

Warriors gain health every five seconds as their passive ability. Not only that, but they have 1,200 health points at the start of the game. This gives Warriors a great chance to fight aggressively and soak up damage even without high-grade armor or healing potions.

Legendary Weapon Realm Royale Warrior Guide

Warrior’s legendary weapon may not be that modern when compared to other Realm Royale Classes. However, the Throwing Axe is ultra-powerful causing 600 to 1200 damage to opponents. The Throwing Axe works best from a distance because the farther you throw the axe, the bigger the damage bonus. Its fire rate is fast at 0.9 seconds per throw. One quick tip: aim higher if your target is far from you because the axe trajectory drops over distances.

Realm Royale Warrior Guide Abilities

Heroic Leap– jump higher and further distances. This ability gives both perk and peril for Warriors. The advantage is you easily move forward, especially in short distances and reach high spots easily. However, you can be an easy target for enemies on the ground while you are in mid-air. It does give good damage of 375/450/525/600 if you hit with it though.

Cooldown – 14/12/10/8s

Charge- sprint forward causing 400 damage to any enemies hit. The charge is best combined with a shotgun, allowing you to quickly move closer to them and hit them with a devastating shotgun blast.

Cooldown – 11/9/7/5s

Flask of Healing– toss a flask that heals teammates. So it would be really an advantage to have a “medic” on the squad. However, be cautious and do not fully rely on the flask as it takes time to take effect. You might die even before you get healed. It gives 250/325/400/475 Healing Amount.

Cooldown – 16/14/12/10s

Net Shot– throw a net thrown which lessens single target’s speed. It can make your enemy 20/40/60/80% slower and give you perfect opportunity for melee or close-range weapon attacks.

Cooldown – 10/8/6/4s

Shielding Potion- gives potion that shields allies. This can provide your teammates with a shielding amount of 350/400/450/500.

Cooldown – 19/16/13/10s

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