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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pre-order bonus items have been detailed by EA and Respawn Entertainment.

Pre-ordering Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will get you three different skins for Cal’s lightsaber, as well as the ‘Bee-D-1’ skin for his droid buddy, BD-1. The special edition is a little more expensive but will give you the Crimson skin for BD-1 and the Mantis. You will also get a digital art book, and a collection of behind-the-scenes feature videos on the game.

The image below shows this all off:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

This news came during EA Play 2019. We got the first glimpse of gameplay for the game, which shows that Respawn have taken inspiration from the Souls series in its combat design. The cast list for the game has come out, which includes Forest Whittaker, who played Saw Gerrea in Rogue One. We also have an ever-extending FAQ for the game that tells you everything you need to know.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order releases for PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2019.

What are your thoughts on the game? Do you like the direction of gameplay or would you have preferred a more cinematic experience?