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When To Open The Spider-Man PS4 Statue

spider-man ps4 statue open

Spider-Man PS4 is due to launch shortly on September 7, and players are already wondering when to to open the Spider-Man PS4 statue. The mysterious statue comes with the Collector’s Edition, but hides a big spoiler.

Insomniac Games says that clues will arrive with the Collector’s Edition that will let you know the best moment in the game to open your Spider-Man PS4 statue. Apparently, the big spoiler has already been leaked online, though we don’t know how true it is, and certainly aren’t going to link to it here.

Spider-Man PS4 Statue Hides A Big Spoiler

Over on a spoiler-free Reddit thread, fans are speculating. While one redditor suggests that you can open the top half of the Spider-Man PS4 statue without spoiling any of the game, another says that there’s been conflicting messages from Insomniac.

First Insomniac said during the story there will be a point where it tells you to open it, now they’re saying after you finish the game. The whole idea altogether is incredibly stupid.

Either way, if you don’t want to know the spoiler we suggest you avoid anything on Spider-Man PS4 during the initial launch week, at least until you’ve played a good chunk of the game!

Hype for the latest PS4 exclusive game has been in overdrive over the last few months. Alongside numerous fantastic-looking trailers detailing the bone-breaking combat, open-world and hard-hitting gameplay, the Spider-Man PS4 screenshots also look stunning.

If you’re thinking of picking up Insomniac’s latest superhero action-adventure, check out how you get your hands on the Spider-Man PS4 pre-order suits. Or maybe, you fancy picking up the Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle!

Incidentally, the Collector’s Edition is still available to pre-order via GAME.