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Dauntless Has Reached 5 Million Players In Its First Week

Phoenix Labs’ Monster Hunter-style actioner Dauntless has notched up a massive five million players in just a few days, the company has announced on Twitter. The free-to-play title launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 21, with the PC version receiving a full release via the Epic Games Store on the same day.

Obviously, the figure has been helped greatly by the fact Dauntless is a free-to-play title, although it’s still an impressive milestone nonetheless.

Dauntless Players Eclipse 5 Million Milestone In First Week

Joining the announcement is a new Dauntless update, which rolled out over the weekend and implemented increased capacity and a reduction in queue size. Being a free-to-play game, you can expect Phoenix Labs to continue to closely monitor Dauntless and provide frequent patches to keep things ticking over in the coming weeks and months, as there’s bound to be a few teething issues.

Dauntless doffs its cap to Monster Hunter in many ways. The game takes place in a fantasy world rocked by a cataclysmic event, which unleashes vicious beasts known as Behemoths. Players control warriors known as Slayers, who are tasked with hunting down the Behemoths, looting their corpses for valuable loot and crafting new weapons and equipment. So yeah, it’s basically Monster Hunter.

Dauntless supports solo and cooperative play, although it’s best enjoyed with a bunch of mates in tow, as you can team up with up to four people to dispatch the roaming Behemoths. In addition, the game supports cross-play right out of the gate across all three platforms, making it the first title to launch with the feature on PS4.

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