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Far Cry 5 Lighter Locations – A Guide To Find Them All

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Alongside prepper stashes, eagles and easter eggs, there's plenty of stuff to find in Ubisoft's latest shooter, including the Far Cry 5 lighter locations. These Vietnam lighters are hidden all over Hope County, and aren't that tricky to find if you know exactly where to look.

In total, there are 12 lighter locations in Far Cry 5. You'll start searching for these following the mission called “What They Carried”, or when you accidentally stumble across a lighter.

Rather than spend the $1,200 it will cost you to buy the Far Cry 5 map of lighter locations, you can simply follow this guide. Let's start off with the lighters in John's Region.

Far Cry 5 Lighter Locations - John's Region

  1. At Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm, there's a hidden bunker. Simply, open the hatch and grab the lighter from the chair.
  2. Head to the Harris Residence, which can be found Southwest of Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm. Check out the shed, and enter another bunker through the hatch to find the lighter.
  3. Go to the Miller Residence in the southeast of Holland Valley and check out yet another bunker where you'll find the lighter on the floor.
  4. Travel to the Fillmore Residence, East of Fall's End. Once again you need to head down into the bunker to grab the lighter off the shelf.

Far Cry 5 Lighter Locations - Jacob's Region

  1. Due south of the F.A.N.G Centre you'll discover the Elliot Residence. Check out the shed and head through the first room to find the lighter on the shelf.
  2. Just to the West of Cedar Lake on dry land in the Whitefall mountains, you'll discover a bunker near to a lookout. Check the shelf to grab the lighter.
  3. Go to the Whitetail Park Visitor Center and go up the stairs. Check the shelf where you can see a yellow medkit and grab the collectible.
  4. Northwest of Widow's Creek to the east of Clagett Bay off the main road, you'll find another bunker. Head inside to find the loot.

Far Cry 5 Lighter Locations - Faith's Region

  1. Due East of Hope County Jail you'll find the Abercrombie Residence. Head around the back of the house where you'll find a bunker with the lighter you're looking for.
  2. Northwest of the Hope County Jail, South of Angel's Peak and to the East of Moonflower Trailer's Park, you'll discover a bunker at Counselor's Cabin.
  3. A short journey west of Peaches Taxidermy, across the small river and just before you reach the main road, check out the bunker!
  4. Head to the McClean Residence, which can be found just after you cross the bridge from Dutch's Island to Faith's Region. Go inside and find the lighter on the bed.

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