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Game Of The Year Awards 2020 Winners – Best Sound Design

Game of the Year Awards 2020 Best Sound Design

Ostensibly, a massive part of Sackboy’s charm is the sound design that underscores its stellar visual presentation. Masterminded by talented trio of Jay Waters, Joe Thwaites and James Marshall, Sackboy’s soundtrack isn’t just heard, it’s felt as entire levels bop along to a delightful mix of original and licensed music from such artists as Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars and much more.

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On a technical level, there’s crispness to the aural delights of Sackboy: A Big Adventure that seems to be in short supply elsewhere too, with even the smallest, most incidental sound effects simply popping into your ear holes with commendable vigor. Sackboy: A Big Adventure then, boasts the best sound design of any game in 2020.

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