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Game Of The Year Awards 2020 Winners – Best Online Experience

Game of the Year Awards 2020 best online multiplayer

A resoundingly well designed hybrid of PvE, PvP and survival horror gameplay, it’s certainly fair to say that Hunt: Showdown offers an online multiplayer experience that is absolutely without peer right now.

As a hunter who must venture into the festering murk of the Louisiana swamplands at the turn of the 20th century, Hunt: Showdown tasks players with slaying all manner of foul monsters before escaping with your prize as other players strive to do the same.

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Where Hunt: Showdown really comes into its own however, is in how developers Crytek have deftly managed to leverage the survival horror trappings that are arguably the bedrock of the entire experience. Thanks in no small part to some stellar sound engineering, Hunt: Showdown truly comes alive as a superb survival horror in its own right as bloated swamp zombies emerge from the mire and the thunderous skittering of a 2,000 pound giant spider can be heard on the floor above you.

Blending deep progression systems across hundreds of hours of play and the sort of fist-chewing terror which you’d think would only be available in a single player game, Hunt Showdown: excels as a boundlessly innovative and deserving choice for our best online multiplayer experience of the year.

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