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  • Criterion on making a next-gen world

    Criterion Games claims that Burnout Paradise is their first true next-gen game, and we'd have to agree. While Burnout Revenge on the 360 was fun, the game was "very much the warm-up act" for Criterion. Built from the ground up with new code and leading on PlayStation 3, Paradise will featu...

  • Experience Paradise December 13

    Remember that time you crashed your car into some other car and completely trashed everything? Yeah, you wouldn't, because you got a concussion. Next time, we recommend you play Burnout Paradise instead, where you can get a digital concussion from the comfort of your living room. An online-enabl...

  • PS3 development makes for better 360 game?

    For the longest time, many developers would have the general gaming body believe that developing on the PlayStation 3 is like crawling through broken glass naked. This has been met with many developers, taking their once PS3 exclusive titles, and converting the over to the Xbox 360 as a multi-platfo...

  • Burnout Paradise box art revealed

    In great anticipation for the upcoming release of Burnout Revenge, Electronic Arts of the UK has brought about a new boxart design for the title. The box art features a more artistic touch, which is different from previous Burnout box arts that featured cars crashing up against one another. There...

  • Burnout Paradise skidding in on Jan 22

    It may not be more realistic than the Gran Turismo's of the world, but the Burnout series has always been one hell of a ride. Maybe it's just the thrill of a 30-car crash, but we just can't wait to play the next one. On that note, Burnout Paradise will be racing onto your PlayStation 3 on Januar...

  • Rumble confirmed in Burnout Paradise

    Electronic Arts lets you feel the Force Feedback with Burnout Paradise! News comes while IGN were playing a demo for the upcoming crash-em-up sequel, when the team observed that the SixAxis they were playing on had a sticker labelled ‘Rumble’ on it. Sure enough, the slightly heavier ...

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