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Burnout Paradise
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Release Date (US):
January 22nd, 2008
Release Date (UK):
January 25th, 2008
Online Players:
Criterion Games
Electronic Arts
E10+ [Everyone 10+]
PSU Rank:
31 of 1166 Games
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29 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360; available for download on the PlayStation Network

About Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise proves that crashing is awesome! Next generation technology has enabled an unprecedented level of crash deformation allowing you to experience the most explosive pile-ups in the series’ history. Now the development team can realise their original vision for the Burnout franchise: an open world environment where you can do anything, anywhere, anytime! Feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you take to the road for the first time in Paradise City, where the action is all around you. Explore the city, discover events, and look for the best opportunities to crash, jump and pull signature takedowns. In Burnout Paradise you’re given the keys to the city, but it’s up to you to earn the keys to the meanest and most dangerous cars on the street, and earn your Burnout licence.



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Burnout Paradise is the freshest racing experience in a long time. This complete re-invention of the series revitalizes the racing genre, immersing players in a true paradise.

We like

  • Remarkable “flow,” especially regarding the seamless online integration
  • Incredibly detailed graphics with spectacular crashes
  • Sheer amount of bang for your buck

We dislike

  • Paradise City is more accurately Paradise Ghost Town
  • Showtime, while fun, is no replacement for the old Crash mode

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Ever since its meager beginnings in the heart of Criterion Games, Burnout has always been about heart-throbbing speed followed by adrenaline-fueled crashes. That’s the basic formula, and Burnout Paradise certainly doesn’t deviate from it. However, what this latest installment does do differently from past Burnouts - and in fact, from all other racers on the market - is give the player a completely open world in...



Burnout Paradise News

  • Criterion plans to make another Burnout game

    Burnout developer Criterion has revealed it intends to make another entry in the adrenaline-fueled racing franchise down the line. Speaking with The Guardian, creative director Craig Sullivan said the studio feels there’s plenty more to squeeze out of the racing genre, and as such isn&rsquo...

  • Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island gets trailer and date

    We've never seen an add-on pack that improves on a game's initial content as much as Burnout Paradise's upcoming Big Surf Island. With massive jumps, unique cars, and cool-looking challenges, the add-on seems to have it all. Don't believe us? Check out the pack's promo trailer. As the video...

  • Criterion nails pricing for Cops and Robbers DLC

    It's evident that Criterion created a large fan following for Burnout Paradise when it started pumping out free downloadable content in order to expand Paradise's world and replayability. Once the free ship had sailed and it was time for the premium content to come in for a landing, however, gamers ...

  • Burnout Paradise preparing for 3D surgery?

    The Consumer Electronics Show of 2009 brought forth an advanced technology to the gaming world that would allow gamers to don Terminator-like glasses in order to experience their favorite hobby in a 3D atmosphere. The games on display happened to be racers like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and WipEout HD...

  • Burnout Paradise's Boost Specials Pack coming Thursday

    A recent entry on by Criterion Games producer Matt Webster has revealed that Burnout Paradise will be receiving yet another downloadable content pack this week in the form of the Boost Specials Collection Pack. This new batch of DLC will feature two new vehicles - the Hawker Mech and...

  • Burnout Paradise Toy Pack coming Thursday

    Developer Criterion Games has outdone themselves on almost a monthly basis since the initial batch of Burnout Paradise DLC released back in 2008. This week marks the umpteenth time that the studio is releasing yet another content pack for fans of the series to enjoy in the form of the Toy Car Pack, ...

  • Burnout Paradise's Legendary Cars coming February 19

    Criterion announced the release date for their upcoming Legendary Car pack in an unorthodox way this morning. According to Criterion's Twitter page, you can expect the update to hit the PlayStation Store this Thursday, February 19. In a little over three days, gamers will be flying through Paradise ...

  • Criterion confirms Cops and Robbers download for Burnout Paradise

    Criterion never ceases to amaze and support its loyal following of gamers, as the development team has churned out update after update for Burnout Paradise. Though the first handful of content was given out free of charge, Criterion has stepped their game up by offering premium content for a somewha...

  • Burnout to receive police vehicles, pursuit gameplay?

    Electronic Arts has a strong history of publishing great racing titles, from the early days of Road Rash, to the Need for Speed franchise, and most recently, Burnout Paradise. Unfortunately for the publisher, their two former titles either died or have hit quite the standstill in successful sales fi...

  • Upcoming Burnout Paradise patch detailed further

    The development team over at Criterion never seems to be satisfied with what they're giving the community for the outrageous price of free. If you thought the upcoming patch was jam-packed with enough content as is, you're sorely mistaken. According to their official website, a boatload of new c...

Burnout Paradise Features

  • [WINNERS] Beyond the Game: Burnout Paradise

    Welcome to PlayStation Universe’s first edition of Beyond the Game. This inaugural feature will look beyond the gameplay of Burnout Paradise and into the game's soundtrack. A year ago, EA partnered with Nettwork One to form a new record label entitled Artwerk. It is through this label that I a...

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