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PS5 Pre-Orders Live In Sweden With Huge Placeholder Price

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The PS5 hasn’t even got a release date or price yet, but that hasn’t stopped Swedish retailer MediaMarkt from posting up a pre-order for Sony‘s next-generation console. Not only that, but it’s also been slapped with an exorbitant price point: $1050. And yes, this is obviously just a placeholder; retailers do this sort of thing all the time, after all.

PS5 Release Date Set For November 2020

There’s no indication yet how much the PS5 will cost, although considering it is packing some meaty horsepower, it probably won’t be cheap. Then again, Sony nailed the PS4 price, so hopefully affordability will still come into play.

As mentioned, Sony has not yet officially confirmed the PS5 release date or price point. However, the latest rumours suggest that the console is targeting a holiday 2020 launch, which is the same time that Xbox Scarlett is due for release.

Speaking of which, how does the PS5 compare to Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation system? From the look of things they’re quite similar, but early murmurs suggest Sony’s machine has the edge. Find out more in our PS5 vs Xbox Scarlett article.

We know quite a lot about the console’s innards thanks to a large info dump from Sony. The system will support a wide range of features, including backwards compatibility with PS4 games, ray-tracing, 8K, and a dedicated SSD to reduce loading times.

The former head of Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Jack Tretton, has said he’s impressed with what he knows so far about PS5, but reckons his former company will face ‘exponentially more competition‘ this time around.

Developers have already started offering their two pence on next-gen, with Ubisoft stating that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will offer a major leap above current systems. Conversely, Platinum Games’ boss reckons the will be ‘more of the same.’

Oh well, you can’t please them all, eh?

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