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Demon's Souls
Demon Souls
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Release Date (US):
October 6th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
TBA 2009
Online Players:
From Software
M [Mature]
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151 of 1166 Games
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135 of 0 Games
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Only on PS3

About Demon's Souls

Boasting a “dark fantasy” theme, Demon’s Souls allows players to forge their own character by tweaking gender, age and various assorted attributes, before embarking on a quest to the destroyed Kingdom of Voletaria. Here you’ll duke it out against legions of gigantic creatures using a variety of weaponry, each one offering a different style of combat depending if they’re wielding by one or both hands.



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Demon's Souls is everything we've been looking for on the PS3 -- a stellar action RPG boasting a killer online component. The game's uncompromising difficulty may not be everyone's cup of tea, however.

We like

  • The intriguing and original online component
  • What feels like the PS3's first major RPG
  • The eerie atmosphere and physical gameplay mechanics

We dislike

  • The at times frustrating difficulty and arduous trial and error

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There are few games out there that are as dark and menacing as From Software’s hard-hitting action RPG Demon’s Souls. Released earlier this year in Japan, Atlus USA is bringing this excruciatingly difficult game to North American audiences on October 6, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The difficulty level of this game has been widely publicized; make no mistakes, this is one of the hardest titles you’ll en...

Demon's Souls News

  • Dark Souls creator appointed From Software president

    From Software has crowned a new company president in the form of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls mastermind, Hidetaka Miyazaki. The news comes on the heels of From Software’s acquisition by Kadokawa Shoten, a Japanese publisher who has collaborated extensively with Grasshopper Manufactu...

  • Demon's Souls 2 PS4 not in development, confirms Atlus

    Atlus has confirmed via the U.S. PlayStation Blog that a successor to Demon’s Souls is not in development for the PlayStation 4. “PS Blog Exclusive: can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon Souls 2. :(,” wrote PR boss John Hardin. Rumors have cropped up in recent months th...

  • Rumor: Demon's Souls 2 for PS4 pre-launch reveal

    Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 pre-launch event might place host to a reveal for a successor to 2009’s cult hit Demon’s Souls, according to NeoGAF member famousmortimer. The poster, who correctly leaked DriveClub’s delay last month, said that there is uncertainty regarding ...

  • Is PS4 getting a sequel to Demon's Souls?

    Retailer has posted a listing for Demon’s Souls 2 for PlayStation 4. It’s worth pointing out that while nothing official has been announced in regards to a sequel to Demon’s Souls, CDON at least has a reliable history. The site previously leaked the then-unannounced ...

  • Five free games, steep discounts coming to NA PlayStation Plus in April

    The PlayStation Plus offerings for April have been revealed, and there's a good variety of content to whet your downloadable gaming appetite. Demon's Souls is the first of the free games on offer, and will be made free alongside steep discounts on Telltale's The Walking Dead adventure series, Soldn...

  • Reminder: Demon's Souls hits PSN today, includes pure white tendency event

    Demon's Souls will be available today through the PlayStation Network, and with the digital release comes a weeklong pure white tendency event. The game was released as a PlayStation exclusive through Atlus and developer From Software. While its spiritual successor--Dark Souls--may be more popul...

  • Demon's Souls heading to PSN

    The hit PlayStation exclusive action RPG Demon's Souls is heading to the PlayStation Network next week, Atlus today announced. The critically acclaimed title--literally, we loved it--will cost $19.99 USD and release digitally on Jan 8. New to the Souls games? You are in for a treat, especially...

  • Demon's Souls U.S. servers get a new lease of life

    Demon’s Souls' U.S. online servers have been extended to remain operational for the “foreseeable future,” Atlus has announced. The news comes just a few days before the servers were originally scheduled to shut down permanently on May 31, 2012. Additional extensions are also ...

  • FromSoftware shutting down Demon's Souls' servers

    FromSoftware has announced the official shutdown of the online servers for its hit title Demon's Souls. Tim Pivnicny, marketing vice-president for Atlus, said in a statement alongside the news of the server shutdown:"Thank you to the unparalleled passion and support of the Demon's Souls commun...

  • Atlus extends Demon's Souls server support to 2012

    Atlus today announced that the company will be extending the online server support for Demon's Souls (again). The game, which features multiplayer-esque online features, will see online support into 2012. Demon's Souls continues to be one of the highest praised PlayStation 3 exclusives to date &nda...

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