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Mass Effect 2


The Mass Effect franchise is an epic science fiction adventure set in a vast universe filled with dangerous aliens and mysterious, uncharted planets. In Mass Effect 2, PlayStation 3 gamers will step into the role of Commander Shepard for the very first time, leading a crew of the most dangerous special operatives from across the galaxy on a mission to save mankind. Featuring intense shooter action, a rich storyline, space exploration and emotionally engaging character interaction, Mass Effect 2 delivers an unparalleled gameplay experience.

Game Mass Effect 2 Players 1
Genre Action - RPG Online Players
Publisher Electronic Arts Developer BioWare
Release Date 18 January 2011 Rating M [Mature]
Release Date UK 21 January 2011 PSU Rating 9.5 Read Review
  • PS3
Additional Information
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC.

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