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Does The PS5 Play DVDs?

Can The PS4 Play DVDs

Can the PS5 play DVDs? That’s one question that potential PS5 owners are starting to ask. After all, DVDs have been in production and sold for nearly two decades now, so is there a risk that the PS5 might not play them because of how old the technology is.

Does The PS5 Play DVDs?

Well, the DVD market is still supremely strong and, yes, the PS5 will be able to play DVDs.

All you need to do is to pop the disc in the drive and away you go! The PS5 will also attempt to upscale DVDs to 4K too – which is something of a godsend considering how bad some of those older TV shows and movies might look otherwise!

Equally, the PS5 will also be able to play standard and 4K Blu-Ray discs too – making it quite the capable media box.

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