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PS5 Apps, PS Plus And PS Now On PlayStation 5 – What’s Next?

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Services are a strong part of any console. They can provide additional reasons to purchase that console and can encourage other members of the family to use it even if they don’t play videogames. PS4’s library of services has grown since its launch in 2013 and that could carry over to PS5.

PS5 Apps And Services

Here is a list of a variety of services, whether they are likely to appear on PlayStation 5, and how they could be improved.

PS Plus On PS5

PS Plus is PlayStation’s leading games-focused service. Since its launch on PS3, it has become bigger and more valuable, offering more bonuses and discounting more games during sales. For PS5, I would expect PS Plus to remain very similar to what it is today.

I would expect PS Plus to offer two PS4 games alongside two PS5 games every month. We may even get to the point where a PSVR game is on offer every month as well, instead of special bonuses randomly thrown into the selection during some months. Those PS4 games that are on offer may even be playable on the PlayStation 5, depending on if the console is backwards compatible or not, which we have already debated.

PS Plus will likely still offer sizeable discounts on games during sales. Although, this benefit may not be worthwhile on PS5 for a few months, as sales likely won’t start on the console until a few months after launch. Similarly, we should expect cloud saves to remain a PS Plus benefit. On top of that, online multiplayer on the PS5 will likely stay locked behind the service.

What else could the service bring? That is the question. General improvements to the network’s infrastructure would be a nice addition. PS Now possibly being included in PS Plus could also be another benefit with PS Plus once PS5 launches.

PS Now On PS5

PS Now is the other games-focused service PlayStation has up its sleeve. Despite the perception that no one uses the service, it actually makes up 51% of the games subscription service market. So, PS Now appears to be successful. This service probably won’t change much, if at all, once PS5 releases. PS2, PS3, and PS4 games will still be streamable, along with a selection of games available to download.

We may see PlayStation VR titles added to the service, especially the titles that released in 2016 and 2017. PS5 games will probably come to the service; however, that likely won’t happen for a few years.

The most likely thing to see happen is the addition of PlayStation One games to the service. With the poor reception of the PlayStation Classic, Sony may refocus on providing PS One games digitally.

PS Vue On PS5

PlayStation Vue is only available in the US and allows you to watch local and national TV, Sports, and News channels. It is unclear how successful this service is. However, we doubt Sony would abandon it, considering the decline of cable in America. This service will likely continue to expand and include more channels.

With the PS5’s release, we may even see this service branch out to other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, and other European Countries.

PS5 – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Other Video Streaming Services

There isn’t much to say about these other than we fully expect them to return for the PS5 and be available on launch. We may see some UI changes to accommodate the new console and any new features it may offer. However, we wouldn’t expect any drastic changes.

PS5 Services and Apps – Youtube and Twitch

Youtube and Twitch are almost certainly set to return for the PS5. Much like with Netflix and other video streaming services, we wouldn’t expect any drastic changes to the apps.

PS5 Spotify

Spotify has been a valuable service since it came to PS4 in 2015. It has become the premier way to listen to music on PS4. It allows you to listen to anything on Spotify whilst playing any game.

I fully expect this exclusive partnership between Spotify and Sony to continue into the PS5 era, with Spotify working in a similar way. We may also see more videogame soundtracks get added to the service, adding to the already lengthy library.

PS5 Services and Apps – SHAREfactory

SHAREfactory will almost definitely return. It has been a huge success on PlayStation 4, allowing anyone to craft their own Youtube videos, honing their editing and video production skills.

PS5 will likely see SHAREfactories tools expand, making video editing and audio editing easier. We may also see the PS5’s streaming capability built into SHARE factory, allowing you to adjust certain aspects of your stream, such as the webcam and overlays. Social features may also be built into the app, allowing you to customise tweets and Facebook posts with images, GIFs, and emojis.

The Share Button’s return is still up for debate, but SHAREfactory will almost certainly return.

What apps do you think will be added to the PS5? How do you think PS Plus and PS Now will be improved? Do you use any of these services and apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, we will update this page as and when we know more information.

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