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New Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer Is Fiendishly Impressive

Doom Eternal Release Date

With just under nine weeks until we arrive at the Doom Eternal release date, id Software and Bethesda have done a Good Thing(tm) by unleashing a brand new gameplay trailer for the game.

The sequel to what is arguably one of the best shooters of this console generation, Doom Eternal brings a massive range of improvements over its prequel such as a number of new weapons (including a neat shotgun grappling hook), and a brand new replenishment system which allows you to regenerate your armor, health and chainsaw fuel depending on the manner in which you kill your demonic foes.

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Doom Eternal Release Date
With a arsenal of all-new weapons, gameplay changes, modes and improved visuals, Doom Eternal is looking set to be one of the (if not the) greatest shooter of 2020.

Beyond that, Doom Eternal not also brings an overhauled online multiplayer deathmatch mode back to the table, but it also implements a new asymmetrical multiplayer mode that allows players to effectively invade the single-player campaign mode of others.

Doom Eternal Release Date

In case you missed it when it was first revealed, the Doom Eternal release date is set for March 20, 2020 on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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You can catch the brand new and massively impressive new Doom Eternal gameplay trailer below:

Source: Bethesda/id Software

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