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The Last Guardian
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Team ICO
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About The Last Guardian

Masterminded by the brilliant Fumito Ueda, the hotly anticipated project was shown in trailer form, depicting the familiar chain from a previous teaser shot, along with the massive creature found in the leaked Trico trailer.

The Last Guardian News

  • E3 2014: The Last Guardian still coming, but Sony promises to let us know if it's ever cancelled

    The president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) has reiterated that The Last Guardian is still in development, but promised to inform gamers should the project ever be shelved. Speaking to Polygon at E3 this week, Shuhei Yoshida acknowledged that the Team ICO action-adven...

  • E3 2014: The Last Guardian was a no-show because it 'wasn't ready'

    Sony has touched base on the absence of The Last Guardian during its E3 press conference earlier this week. Speaking with GameSpot, Scott Rhode, PlayStation Software Product Development boss for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), said the elusive Team ICO project simply wasn’t read...

  • Sony refutes Last Guardian cancellation claims

    Shawn Layden, CEO of SCEA and successor to Jack Tretton, has refuted IGN's claim that The Last Guardian has been cancelled. Speaking to Geoff Keighley in a pre-E3 interview (via VG24/7), Layden said The Last Guardian is in "full development" at Sony Japan. Just interviewed Shawn Layden...

  • The Last Guardian release date coming soon, reports Famitsu

    The latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via DualShockers) has revealed in its ‘The Truth on 2014’s Rumors’ feature that The Last Guardian will get a release date announcement fairly soon. According to the publication, Sony reiterated that it is waiting for the best opportunity to ...

  • The Last Guardian 'still in the mix at Worldwide Studios,' says Sony

    Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios’ (SCE WWS) Scott Rhode has moved to reassure gamers that The Last Guardian is still on the horizon. [I'm] not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved,” Rhodes told IGN. &ldqu...

  • The Last Guardian dev on PS4, Xbox One development

    Speaking during an interview with EDGE (via Examiner), the creator behind the PlayStation 3-exclusive adventure The Last Guardian has touched on the changes that next-generation home consoles bring to video game development. Fumito Ueda told the publication that, “Videogames and technology ...

  • The Last Guardian's Fumito Ueda wants to make a zombie game

    The creator behind The Last Guardian has revealed that he’s keen on developing a zombie game for his next project. Fumito Ueda, who departed from his role at Sony two years ago but continues to work on a freelance basis, expressed his interest in tackling the undead genre somewhere down the...

  • The Last Guardian creator 'sorry' for delay

    Former Team ICO boss Fumito Ueda has said the release of The Last Guardian is beyond his control, though apologized for keeping fans waiting such a long time for the PlayStation 3-exclusive adventure. Ueda-san made the comments while reflecting on the past eight years of his career with Edge. ...

  • The Last Guardian: Shuhei Yoshida 'can't recall' what console it's on

    President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) Shuhei Yoshida has issued a brief update on The Last Guardian. Speaking on Spike TV’s All Access PlayStation 4 (via VG247) event earlier today, Yoshida-san revealed that he’s played the Team ICO adventure, and that i...

  • The Last Guardian development 'never stopped,' is still in the works

    PlayStation 3-exclusive title The Last Guardian is still in development and was never actually on hiatus, says Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS). Speaking during an interview with, Yoshida-san was quizzed on the status of the Team ICO adve...

The Last Guardian Features

  • Will we see The Last Guardian at E3 2014?

    We’ve been asking about The Last Guardian, Team ICO’s ethereal follow-up to Shadow of the Colossus, every year since its announcement at E3 2009. Our introduction to a young child and his griffin was a stunning glimpse at haunting visuals and what promised to be a profound emotional c...

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