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Borderlands 2
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First Person
Release Date (US):
September 18th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
September 21st, 2012
Online Players:
Gearbox Software
2K Games
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also coming for Xbox 360 and PC.

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Borderlands 2 is one of the best co-op experiences of this generation and vastly superior to its predecessor, which is saying a lot. Get lost under a pile of loot as you join friends on the battlefield in your new quest on Pandora.

We like

  • Addictive looting system
  • Terrific co-op experience with solid gameplay
  • Hilarious characters in a vastly improved narrative

We dislike

  • Graphic, mostly texture, issues
  • Occasional bugs
  • Only fair vehicle mechanics and usage

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The studio behind 2009's stylish first-person shooter, the addictive and clever Borderlands, deserves credit for putting out a co-op game with massive cajones. Gearbox Software created one of our favorite titles of this generation, it fed the dirty habits of loot whores, and its subsequent add-on content reminded us that downloadable content can be good, really good. The gameplay was tight, especially in co-op; the artis...

Borderlands 2 News

  • Borderlands 2 gets cross-save patch for PS3, PS Vita

    The PlayStation 3 version of Borderlands 2 has received update 1.12 today, which implements cross-save support for the console release and its PlayStation Vita counterpart. Gearbox Software’s latest update clocks in at 112MB, and allows gamers to share their saves between the PS3 and PS Vit...

  • Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle release date announced

    Sony has announced the release date for the PlayStation Vita bundle for Borderlands 2. Through the official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony took to the net with the official announcement:   Borderlands 2 Vita bundle coming 5/6: Game hits PlayStation Store & ret...

  • Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle available for pre-order on Amazon

    The presence of a Borderlands 2 bundle for the launch of the PlayStation Vita Slim was just announced yesterday, and Amazon has already made it available to preorder. The news that the PS Vita Slim is making its way to the States is made all the more substantial now that Amazon has it ready for pur...

  • $200 PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 bundle coming to North America

    Sony has announced the new PlayStation Vita Slim will be coming to North America in a bundle with Borderlands 2 as first reported by IGN. A PS Blog post confirmed the retail price at $200 for the limited bundle that includes the new PS Vita Wi-Fi model (PCH-2000 series) and an 8GB memory card. The ...

  • Borderlands 2 raises level cap, adds end-game content

    Gearbox has continued its ongoing support of Borderlands 2 with its latest DLC offering, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge. The Upgrade Pack 2 is available now on the PlayStation Network for $4.99, having released this week. The add-on raises the level cap to 72 ...

  • Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition announced, due October

    Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition has been officially confirmed today by 2K Games. The bundle, which was leaked yesterday, is due out on October 11 worldwide for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. Borderlands 2: GotY Edition includes a copy of the critically-acclaimed action-RPG from Gearbo...

  • Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition spotted

    Borderlands 2, one of the most critically-acclaimed games from 2012, is said to be getting the Game of the Year treatment, just like its predecessor did. As reported by IGN, a GameStop employee has allegedly dropped info on what the Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition contains. Unsurprisi...

  • Borderlands 2 coming to PS Vita

    When the PlayStation Vita was considered down and out, along comes another great title to PlayStation's handheld: Borderlands 2.  At GamesCom, Jim Ryan, head of Sony Europe, announced that Gearbox's hit sequel Borderlands 2 will grace the PS Vita. Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed in t...

  • Borderlands 2 on track to become 2K's highest-selling game ever

    Speaking during its FY14 Q1 financial call last night, publishing giant Take-Two confirmed that Borderlands 2 has eclipsed the seven million sales milestone. The RPG-shooter hybrid is now poised to become 2K’s highest-selling release to date. Originally released in September 2012 for Pla...

  • Borderlands 2 not getting second Season Pass

    With the upcoming release of the Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 and other additional content on the way for Borderlands 2, many Season Pass holders want to know if they can expect these new goodies for free. When speaking with Polygon, Gearbox reiterated yet again “that the season has ended&rdquo...

Borderlands 2 Features

  • 5 ways to get the most out of Borderlands 2

    Hello Vault Hunters! I take it that you've just downloaded Borderlands 2 for free thanks to an EU PlayStation Plus subscription, or are planning to? Or maybe you just fancied buying it? Whatever's the case, I would advise you to have a look at these tips before you start sinking time in, as with a l...

  • PS3 Game of the Month: September 2012

    September’s come and gone, thus kicking off the inevitable landslide of triple-A titles that will continue to battle it out for the contents of your wallet until the New Year comes knocking. While the last remnants of summer provided a couple of gems in the shape of Sleeping Dogs and Darksider...

  • Borderlands 2 Q&A: You asked, PSU answered!

    If you followed PSU's extensive coverage of Borderlands 2 last week, you might know that I was recently given the chance to sit down with a near-complete build of the game and play as the enigmatic assassin Zer0. I tried to be as thorough as possible in my hands-on impressions, but one simply cann...

  • Hands-on with Borderlands 2: Slicing and dicing as Zer0, the enigmatic Assassin

    Borderlands 2 is anything but your standard sequel. Not merely content with treading the same ground on a prettier engine and calling it “cash”, the guys and gals at Gearbox Software are setting out to craft a game that tops its forebear in every conceivable way. That's no easy feat when...

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