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Checkpoint: No, The PlayStation Plus Collection Is Not Backwards Compatibility Behind A Paywall

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There seems to be some degree of understandable confusion and consternation regarding the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Chiefly, more than a few people seem to believe that the PlayStation Plus Collection is a resolutely bad idea as they believe that Sony is using it to act as a paywall for backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

Despite how bugnut crazy 2020 has been – this will certainly not the case.

As we know, Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 will support backwards compatibility with “99% of PS4 games” from launch. Meanwhile, at last look, the PlayStaton Plus Collection has just 18 games listed.

There is no way that Sony is going to withhold the backwards compatibility with PS4 games in this way. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Not least because it makes the sort of horrendous, shoot-yourself-in-the-face business sense that would make 2006 Sony blush, but also because it completely fails to acknowledge the main reason for the PlayStation Plus Collection existing in the first place.

Simply put, the PlayStation Plus Collection is there to provide PS Plus subscribers with an additional value offering – an increasingly number of specially curated (and likely enhanced) PS4 titles at no extra cost. That’s it. That’s what the PlayStation Plus Collection is.

If you still have your physical PS4 discs and digital purchases you’ll still be able to use them on PS5 without issue.

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